Good Morning

Things never happen as you expect them to, at least not yesterday morning. I was prepared for a solo journey to the supermarket in the car, to prove that I can do it. We had new curtains fitted this week and we all forgot Tabby, our feline. Her cat flap was no longer accessible because everyone forgot to shorten the two stripes that were hanging over her entrance. The guy that did it was full of apologies and organised his assistant guy to come and do the necessary. We are so please we found this place, as they really attend to everything. We did not know when No. 2 guy would be arriving, so Mr. Swiss called and they said in the afternoon.

This made a change of plans, as we were expecting him in the morning. In this case we could go on our shopping trip together – how wonderful. My driving instructor was again sitting in the passenger seat next to me telling me everything I could do better when driving. Either you ignore him or pay attention. I usually choose ignore. However, his words of wisdom are attended to and I notice when I drive solo that certain advice stays with me. I attend to my speed limits, as I do tend to drive a little on the fast side now and again. Funny, when he is not with me, I am very good at keeping the limit. He finds my steering lacks an exact touch, I do not, but perhaps one of the symptoms of a golden oldie with MS that I really do not notice. In any case we survive and are still talking to each other at the end of the drive.

At the end of the shopping safari I always take a few minutes in the flower store for a few flower photos of the day, whilst he relaxes.

M - Me

As you can see Mr. Swiss was being attentive to what Mrs. Angloswiss was doing and took a few photos of her taking a few photos of the newest arrivals in the plant world. So now you see me in action with my mobile phone camera. It was raining, hence the rain jacket.

And now back to Tabby, who was patiently waiting for her new escape tunnel to the outside world. The guy arrived and fixed it for her in a few minutes – no problem.

Tabby's new curtain

All he had to do was shorten two stripes. The great test was yesterday evening when Tabby was relaxing outside and decided to come in. She always makes a bit of a fuss when entering, the exit is never a problem. Mr. Swiss and I were sitting in the living room and heard the usual clap, clap, crash bang and she had passed the test and was inside with no problems. She is a clever cat with 15 years cat flap experience.

I am not sure what today will bring. This morning I have a few mud splashed windows to clean, just three, from the mess made by our new moat/ditch that the builders have constructed. This week they did not turn up, but today they have returned, but not our usual builder. However building scaffolding is the same everywhre. Mr. Swiss thought they were not working because of the rain, but I have never seen empty building sites because of rain. They are equipped with steel helmets and sturdy leather boots, so what could possibly go wrong.

I was thinking if Mr. Swiss makes a journey to town this afternoon, I might accompany him, although he has not made up his mind to go places and do things. However the day is always full of surprises.

See you around some time later.

14 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Those volunteer driving instructors are maddening. I normally don’t have to deal with them, but recently, in Colorado Springs, I had a carload of them. They didn’t even agree with each other and NONE of them thought I knew what I was doing. 😦

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