Good Morning

Horse Chestnut 24.04 (1)

Despite the building work in the background, a tree grows in Feldbrunnen, my village. It has been growing since I planted the conker from a horse chestnut 15 years ago. It was one of those experiments I never really thought would succeed and I put the chestnut in my garden. One day I notice it began to sprout and had visions of a chestnut tree towering above everything else in my little garden and taking over. I transferred the chestnut to a small pot, but after a couple of years realised it needed a big pot and so I bought the largest the store had to offer.

It grew rapidly and was soon on the second floor height of my appartment building and we only have three, counting the ground level where I live. I began to chop it back every year. I was waiting for the first flowers, as chestnut trees have very pretty flowers, but nothing happened. I spoke to the gardener, and he said it was not very likely that it would flower as planting from a conker is not always successful and chopping it down is also not advisable. However, I did not give up and for the last two years I did not reduce the height as it was behaving.

Horse Chestnut 13.04 (2)This year I was giving it water one morning and noticed something completely different: a flower head had appeared. I was overjoyed, my 15 year old chestnut tree had its first flower. I had visions of sitting beneath the spreading chestnut tree in its shade on sunny days in Spring. My tree is now even capable of producing its own chesnuts. They are the normal chestnuts, fed to animals and not for human consumption.

MarroniThe real chestnuts for roasting are a special variety. We have them in the Italian part of Switzerland and of course in Italy they grow everywhere. They are more spiky on the outside as can been seen on the photo that I took on our local market day.

But now after 15 years I have a flower on my home grown chestnut tree. I think the original chestnut came from a tree on the banks of our local river. I will check to see this year if it has white flowers like mine. Perhaps my tree is not growing in Brooklyn (Book by Betty Smith) but a tree is growing in my garden, even in a pot.

Otherwise we have new curtains. Not exactly curtains, as I do not like the eternal washing of curtains and the accompanying ironing. The complete appartment is now fitted as the following photo from our living room and it is a super good system.

New window blinds 28.04 (1)

Due to the refurbishing of our living quarters, the blinds are being removed from May until October and we will have nothing covering the windows in the evening, so we had a few words with the expert and decided on this solution, which I must say is very good quality and ideal.

We have special denser stripes in the bedrooms to stop too much light shining through. Yesterday was the test and they are perfect for the bedroom. There is only one small problem, we forgot Tabby, our cat. She has a cat flap in the kitchen. During the day I never use any covers for the windows in the kitchen, as it is not practical when cooking, but in the evening we like to close them to keep out prying eyes, and Tabby likes to take an evening walk and now the summer days are approaching, often likes to sleep outside. The guy in charge said he would make the material shorter over her entrance, but both he and us forgot. Tabby is not happy, but no problem. A quick telephone call and everyhing is fixed. Tomorrow Tabby’s entrance will be organised. This means another day for me to go shopping on my own with the car; fun.

We have been without building workers since Monday. Perhaps they are recovering from the work on our building, or they are having a conference about further proceedings. Who cares: no building noise or disturbances.

And now for a normal workday in the Angloswiss mansion. There is a bathroom to clean and Mr. Swiss has decided to go places and do things, like town and the supermarket.

Enjoy the day and make the most of it.

2 thoughts on “Good Morning

    • We have had the complete appartment equipped with them. They are not cheap, but we are glad we have now got them. It is the rail that is expensive. The strips can easily be replaced, but you cannot wash them.


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