Good Morning

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This morning I am feeling something like a duck out of the water. Everything is a little upside down and can only get better. Today we are getting our new curtain systems, meaning the curtains that we actuallly have, and they are not very many, we had to take down, do  little bit of cobweb removal and get everything ready. We only actually have curtains in the bedrooms. However, our blinds will be removed and we decided to invest in one of those super new stripy systems with all the trimmings.  As the workers arrive already at 8.00 a.m. I had to stop hugging the sheet half an hour earlier.

Afterwards I volunteered to go shopping on my own today – with the car, yes I am becoming a real profi. Mr. Swiss will tend to the needs of the curtain workers. We know the guys as they come from the company that do our internal stuff, and it is a reliable and good company. We are now surrounded by workers and builders.

I am not here very long this morning, I have to eat my breakfast so decided I could do some multi tasking on the computer with my morning hello blog. And now I must do things and go places. The idea is to have my ablutions first of all, as when the men are fitting up new curtains in the bedroom it might be difficult to shower as our shower is attached to the bedroom and they have to cocentrate on their work and not a golden oldie.

Enjoy the day, and if survival is successful I will be back this afternoon.

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8 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. See, your good mornings have not become worse mornings, yet. Of course, there is a lot of change of your routines, but not that much that you cannot work around that. And you get more and more confident outside your usual habits. Which is a good thing!

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    • I am quite enjoying my solo journeys to the supermarket market although now Mr. Swiss is getting slightly bored with his daily routine. This morning the sun was shining, not a lot of people and I am even beginning to enjoy driving.

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