Daily Prompt: Harmony is everywhere

Renovation 20.04 (32)

When two men alone can build this in four days, then that is harmony. When they arrive with a truck filled with bits and pieces that afterwards fit together, and when the men know which piece fits where, the harmony is complete.

They arrived, they saw and they conquered”veni, vedi, vici” or something like that. They did not have a chief breathing down their necks to tell them what to do.He just formed the plan and told them to take a photo with their mobile phones as they progressed. They did not have an expert to show which piece fitted where, they just got on with it and did the job. Of course they had to shift the pieces to the top, but not by the stairs or climbing. One man stood at the bottom, had the necessary aluminium part in his hand. He threw upwards and is partner caught it. I saw this taking place often. Mr. Swiss said it would be the perfect photo when I could catch the moment where it was caught or thrown, but it all happened too quickly.


Of course it all begins on a drawing board and a team that work out how it should be done. Every part has its own design. It is all aluminium and very strong. The guy doing it told me he had been working for many years on the job. For the smaller constructions (we are small?) aluminium is used. As soon as the buildings are built or renovated that are taller, then steel has to be used as it is stronger. On this photo you can see how the walking platform is fastened to the skeleton of the steel frame – a bottom view.


The side view of this part looks like this: all very neat and clean. The design deserves an award. It seems the next few month of my life will be spent amongst the builders and I am learrning fast, athough they really do not need my advice or help.  This is only the preliminary part of the work. I have never seen these two guy get annoyed, they are so calm and always have time to answer questions.

They have left a nice open space where we can enter the garden easily by removing one of the platforms when they leave in the evening. Mr. Swiss found it would not be so necessary, as it is high enough to walk below with the platform. I am one of the taller species, but if necessary can bend a little and it would be no problem. However, the expert (not worker, because he is an expert) found that would not be a good idea. Something could easily happen, and it is safer for us to have enough room to move.

When their part of the job is finished, they will move on and the plasterers will arrive for the facade of the house. That will be something completely different, removing the old wall covers and joining the new parts with noise and dust, but we will survive and my camera will be recording it all.

Daily Prompt: Harmony is Everywhere

10 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Harmony is everywhere

    • And they are such great guys. It is impressive what they are doing. It is a joy to take photos of the details, and I am enjoying every moment of it. Mr. Swiss is glad my climbing days are over, otherwise I would probably be up on the roof via the ladders and platforms to take a few more photos.

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  1. So the real question, is there more harmony in your life now than when the work first started? Are you more in harmony with the workers than your neighbors in the same apartment complex? Hugs

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    • This morning the two workers were drinking coffee on the neighbours patio, for their morning break, so it is becoming one big happy family. At the moment everything is going fine, we have something completely different in our boring lives. Ask me again in Autumn when they go.

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    • The plan up to now is keep the windows shut – like in Summer with temperatures of 35°. It is going to be a long hot summer. Otherwise the guys that are now doing the work with the scaffolding are very tidy and do not leave any mess, just neat piles of scaffolding bits and pieces.


      • Forgive me for being slow witted but I just realised you talk as though you don’t have central air conditioning in your building? Can you get a couple window units for the summer. Dumb of me I just assumed everyplace would have A/C. Hugs

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        • Although you have ac quite a bit in offices, which often have no windows to open, it is not so custom in Europe to have ac in every home. I know it is a normal thing to have in the states, but here more the exception than the rule. And personally I do not want ac.

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          • Ah, thank you. I love learning things about other cultures and lands. I just never even thought of this as I take it so for granted. I can appreciate that you like the fresh air coming in the windows. Hugs


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