Daily Prompt: Yes, I got spikes


You really have to like those builders. After lunch I was enjoying my golden oldie sleep, and I slept. It is usually a quiet area where I live, in the middle of the country, just birdsong and the perhaps a cat fight or neighbours talking outside. However, not a cause for disturbance. I have noticed then when I sleep, the building noise becomes part of my dreams. Today it was thump, thump, thump – very rhythimic and it almost lulled me into a deeper sleep. However, when I did sort of have a wake moment I took a glance at my clock (digital, mobile phone clock) and realised it was time to rise.

The next thing you do is take a glance at the daily prompt theme and I saw “spike”. Now what am I going to write about spikes. In the country the only spikes we have are the thorns on a rose bush, or the spires on the church towers. Admittedly in the earlier days the Swiss mercenaries would probably have a halberd under their beds in case they had to fight for someone that paid enough. This was a sort of pointed spear with a chopping head at the top. Today every Swiss soldier has a rifle at home, usually in the cupboard, ready to protect his country if necessary, but without bayonet as that would probably be too messy for a practice.

Every Swiss is a soldier, almost every Swiss, the fit ones. My No. 2 son was, but has served his days and is no longer needed. He also had his rifle and would have to use it once a year at the local shooting range, to ensure that he would not forget how to use it. When his duty as a Swiss soldier was finished he returned the rifle. I think he could have kept it for a price, but had no interest. So are the patriots in my family.

Imagine my surprise when I entered my garden this afternoon and found these spike similar objects in my garden (see photo). Of course they are some sort of support for the scaffolding which will now be built on the West side of my appartment. As I sit here outside, I can see the beginnings of what will become  fortress similar organisation of my appartment. If I disappear this week not to reblog, it is because they forgot to leave an opening for me to leave and enter my home. Perhaps I should now organise drones to deliver my food.

And before I leave you, here are some real spikes, on the dome of our cathedral in the town of Solothurn, just to show that we do have spikes.

A September Walk through Solothurn

Daily Prompt: Yes, I got Spikes

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