Good Morning

Lilac 19.04 (2)

Yes, the lilacs are flowering in my part of the world, on the field opposite my garden, but nature decided to give a bonus and add a little snow to the picture. It was the big flocky stuff, but lightweight so the blossoms are still on the tree. To add to the spectacle we got minus temperatures during the night, and very minus. The neighbour mentioned to Mr. Swiss that my apple blossoms would probably all now dwindle and there would be no apples this year. I just love the optimists in life, but the blossoms are still there and I do not think we will be having an apple famine this year. If the worst comes to worst I can always buy them in the supermarket. My developing 2 avocado plants, and my poinsettia from christmas, also spent the night outside, but on the first look this morning they have survived. The weather prophets have predicted cold but sunny weather until the week-end.

In the meanwhile I have other things to occupy my mind.

Renovation 19.04 (3)

The builders arrived yesterday morning and began their scaffolding work. The two guys that are doing the work are the specialists and so they know what they are doing. The photo shows just the morning progress, but at the end of the day, the building was completely encased in scaffolding from bottom to top.

Renovation 19.04 (9)

Of course I took some action photos. They are both very nice guys and it was interesting to talk to them. When they had completed their work yesterday I discovered that I no longer had an exit from the east side of our appartment. It has been completely blocked with iron poles.

Renovation 19.04 (20)

When I mentioned the problem to the chief guy (the one in orange) he said the leader of the building pack did not mention anything about leaving an opening. Ok, it is not so tragic, as I can always leave my appartment by the main door and walk into my front garden from the other side. I realised the building leader was a sort of building god, and what he says has to be done. I just hope that when they begin on the other side of the appartment, the West side, they leave an exit, otherwise things could get complicated.

Apparently they will also be mounting ladders for the working men to enable them to climb up the scaffolding, but that will be of no help to me. I have problems climbing normal stairs. On the other hand I must say life is no longer as boring as it was. Every day there is a new surprise and it is interesting to see how they go about the work. They are building artists. The only noise was now and again when the drill had to be used, but not very much.

Renovation 19.04 (6)

I noticed that one of the men had talent for pole dancing. Perhaps he was training.

And now to the normal daily work, it is all quiet in the East and West and the builders have not yet arrived. I think today they will be putting the finishing touches to their Cristo creation – Cristo was the artist that liked to pack his creations in other material.

Mr. Swiss has a tquick trip to the dentist, and the plumber has been organised for a small job because someone had to remove the bottom part of the sink as something fell into it which was important and now it is leaking, because the person who screwed it back was not a plumber. Otherwise we have changed the bed linen and I will continue with my daily housewife stuff.

I have my camera ready for any building action shots – you never know.

See you around on the flip side.


6 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Are your workers arriving in time? because over here, you never know what to expect. We need some reform in our apartment and the workers promised that they would be here yesterday at 8 am. They called at 10:30 am telling us they would come at noon and they finally arrived at 5 pm. Obviously they didn’t have time to finish their job and here we are today with all the noises and the dust again.

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    • They started a day late because they had to finish another job, but that was just the gardeners who had to prepare the ground for the builders. The builders arrived after easter as planned. They are just two men building the scaffolding and I have never seen such a well trained team, it is their speciality. The have a plan and as I am taking photos now and again I have some interesting conversations. They are very punctual. There is a building chief and it all has to be co-ordinated betweent the various specialist companies. This is a big job, renovation of a three storey block with thirteen appartments, plastering, painting and roof strengthening. They cannot afford to come late or not turn up. There is too much money involved.

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    • It is really fun for me, at last food for the camera. The guys don’t mind me taking the photos. This is just the beginning. The whole thing is only finished in Autumn. When I saw that photo, the first thing that came top my mind was pole dancing. 🙂

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