Good Morning

Kerria Japonica

My kerria japonica is one of the first to flower in my garden in Spring. It happens quickly. First of all one flower and a couple of days later a whole bush full. I rememeber I was given one of those gift tokens for the local gardening center from the first aid group that I was involved with: these days I need first aid myself. I was the person doing the accounts, because you needed a computer and at the time I was the only person that could operate with the Excel programme. The token was for my 60th birthday. Since then I have become 70 years old, how time flies. Anyhow the kerria is still alive and kicking and so am I, but not longer kicking so much – more hobbling around.

I was delving into my no longer used cameras yesterday as I knew my Canon G15 Power Shot had a function that none of my other cameras have. It is able to take a fisheye view. It is not the real thing, as you would need a special lens for that, but would serve my purpose. I found my camera and noticed that the battery was on its last legs, but the camera could still function.  This morning I searched for the charger and my second battery through three camera bags and a box where I keep on the bits and pieces, but no luck. I actually gave Mr. Swiss my super Canon G15 when I bought my new Nikon camera as he always admired it. After a while he returned it, as he said he never used it and it was better in my care. When I told him what I was searching for this morning he said perhaps I gave it to him as well and sure enough he found it in his bits and pieces.

We are expecting the builders to arrive today, and Mr. Swiss said he saw the truck arrive. Actually they were supposed to be here yesterday, but there was only a lonely builder with his sidekick that appeared. Mr. Swiss asked them what their daily working times would be and the answer was “why, do you want to help?”. I think it was an attempt at humour, but we were not in a humorous mood. Anyhow we will have the noise and discomfort from 7.00 a.m. until 5 p.m. with an hour’s lunch break and 15 minutes pause in the morning for their cocacola and sandwich from 9.00.  I have my camera ready on the table for any possible photographic memories I may need, but at the moment nothing is happening. Perhaps they need an hour’s meditation before they begin to gather their inspiration.

Today I am on a normal golden oldie working day, so nothing special. Off to the supermarket for a change. I have almost forgotten what it looks like. I should also put in some driving practice as on Friday I will be all on my own. Mr. Swiss has his annual school class get-together in a restaurant: quite an achievement for birth year 1939. He is the one that does the organising, being the only one knowing how a computer works.

By the way the solution to the strange bird question yesterday is definitely the Great Crested Grebe and thanks to all that helped. I looked further into internet, and it is indiginous to our local River Aar and generally the middle land of Switzerland. They are everywhere here, although this was my first sighting. Apparently they have quite a mating ceremony, dipping their heads up and down all the time, and the baby hatchlings (usually 2) can already swim when they arrive. The mother carries them on her back and when when dives for food they are left floating on the surface of the water. She returns and they have to paddle their way back to mum afterwards all on their own – they are the only swimming lessons they get. I also read that as their legs are situated at the back of the body they cannot walk so well on land and prefer to remain near the banks of the river. The things you learn. Where I grew up the only ducks we saw were mallards on the local canal and a few swans.

See you later, enjoy the day.

Great Crested Grebe 17.04 (4)

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