Daily Prompt: Life is one big Chuckle


It is not really chuckle time at my place at the moment. The scaffolding construction workers arrived today and made theirselves busy. This is the new view from my window and there is no way that I can get out. In front of the window there is a moat, which is now being used to deposite the poles for the scaffolding. Oh, what a great event this will be for my various photo challenges. Titles like building site, metal, drills, ladders and workers in action, come to my mind. The odd ball photo challenge is overflowing.

That is not all, we have snow. Not just a few flakes, but the real monster thing, the soaking wet kind chunks of stuff. My plants outside in the snow are already hoping for a rescue, but unfortunately there are meters of metal poles and platforms in front of my window and I cannot get out. The only escape route on the back side of the house is now through the corridor and the main door outside.

I must say the workers, just two of them, are very friendly, and yes, I have already indulged in a few chuckles with them: especially when I began to take a few photos. One of them said if he had known, he would have shaved this morning, although I am not interested in people, just objects. The guys working on the project remind me of the Play-Big figures my kids used to play with. The little plastic men that were perhaps pirates, or soldiers or builders. Yes, definitely the builders. They had nice colourful little helmets on their heads and you could place them on the parts they were building. The guys here are also wearing those colourful helmets and climb all over the place and even use drills now and again.

You must always see the positive side of things. I can take photos, and have interesting conversations with the workers and those scaffolding people are real experts. I watched them piecing the poles together and placing the platforms for the workers to walk on. Mr. Swiss says this is only the beginning. Wait until the plasterers arrive. What an exciting life I am leading at the moment, although I do not remember plasterers being in the Play Big selection.

They really did not choose the best day to begin work. We needed water for our gardens as it has not rained for at least a month, but I pefer the liquid stuff and not the white fluffy pieces.


This is now my back garden. I took the photo about half an hour ago and the lilac, which is beginning to flower, now has a white layer on the flowers.

Daily Prompt: Life is one big Chuckle

6 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Life is one big Chuckle

  1. That doesn’t look like it will last very long. Less than a day, I would think. We are getting rain later in the week, and the temperature dropped by 40 degrees last night. It’ll be a cold end of the week with rain, but we do need the rain. I have to remind myself. We DO need the rain.

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    • We are going through a cold spell at the moment. The snow is the soft big stuff, so not so bad, just like mega raindrops. I am now imprisoned in any case and cannot leave my home through the normal way. It is like having mega prison bars in front of the window. At the moment I have to use the main entrance. The worker just told me they will be putting up ladders for the the workers, but I cannot see me climbing ladders to escape. It is a very interesting time I am living at the moment.

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  2. Hello Mrs. Angloswiss, Can I come over to your house? I don’t care about the scaffolding and I’ll be nice to Tabby. We have no snow and it’s very sad here in Monte Vista. Your pal, Polar Bear Yeti T. Dog

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    • You would be welcome any time, but I cannot guarantee that Tabby will be nice to you. Tabby does not share, because “share” does not exist in the meow language. The snow is already melting and now everything is just plain wet.

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