Daily Prompt: Give Yourself a Jolt

Feldbrunnen to Subingen via Derendingen und Gerlafingen 23.03 (21)

This afternoon I needed  a jolt to get me out of my bed.Those after dinner sleeps are useful, too useful often. I do not feel like writing about anything, but I jolted myself out of the bed in any case. I actually intended to go for a walk, but no way. It is cold and unfriendly outside, no jolts anywhere.

Was it lunch? I cooked to feed the five thousand, but it was just Mr. Swiss and I. No. 1 son is working today and so there was too much food on the table. I was jolted awake by my digestion and so I took an indigestion tablet and now feel better, but not better enough for a walk, or pehaps it might be a good idea. A little exercise in the fresh air never did anyone any harm, and I have not left my home since last Friday.

Perhaps a walk along the river bank with my camera would make me feel better. Yes, I have convinced myself. or shall I stay at home? Life is full of decisions. There might be swans or ducks waiting for a photo. I have convinced myself, no good just sitting at a computer waiting for a jolt to happen. Jolts always happen when you least expect them. It seems that I just gave Mr. Swiss a jolt because I am sitting in front of an open window and there is a gale force wind blowing through the apartment. He has decided to leave me and go to our hobby room in the cellar where has has his drum set.

I will now close the window, put on something sensible and go for my walk. It is a short blog today, but a far far better thing to do than I would otherwise do – no inspiration.

Front Garden

Daily Prompt: Give Yourself a Jolt

11 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Give Yourself a Jolt

  1. I need a lot of jolts. 🙂 I take a lot of medications which can cause a person to be sleepy, plus if my blood sugar goes out of control I get sleepy. So I drink a lot of coffee. I prefer a rather pricy brand with a fine ground very smooth almost chocolate taste. The first cup is a wonderful jolt every time. Do you drink coffee or tea? Or do you prefer soda to other beverages? Hugs

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    • I cannot drink coffee, one of my problems with my digestive system. I stick to tea but without milk or sugar. I am just glad when I do not need any jolts at all. I get a jolt every second day when I have to inject my MS medicine.

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  2. I see The Daily Post still jolts you into creativity… the powers that be must have been jolted into action by your complaint (and the complaints of a few others) that the words were being recycled. Bravo!
    I have got that right, haven’t I? I’ll be embarrassed if you don’t know what I’m talking about.
    Great post, by the way…

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  3. No jolts today. My back and I were having issues and I finally slithered out of bed. Getting up hurts, but i always feel better after I get it done.

    We have cold shrimp with spicy sauce and salad yesterday and were really happy to NOT have a giant, sweaty dinner. It was a very warm day, so cold shrimp was exactly perfect.

    It’s a holiday in Boston (but not in the rest of the country). This is Patriot’s Day, marking the day we took up guns and started the American Revolution. So all of Boston gets a day off and they run the Boston Marathon. It’s a big deal around here. We’re watching the various groups of racers coming in. The men first, women next. Now those who race in wheelchairs … then there will be a huge number of people who just run for the fun of it. It will be hours before they are done. You can’t go into Boston today, so unless you already live there or are working on the race or for a news groups, you can watch it on TV. But it’s a beautiful day. Almost perfect.

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    • Leaving the bed is slowly becoming an obstacle I am glad to conque. I had/still have one of my digestive problems today. Silly me took a walk this afternoon, and I should have stayed at home. I am not eating anything this evening, another golden oldie problem I could do without. It is quite on the cold side here today and the boiled bacon with beans and potato was just right, but not for me it seems.

      I have heard of the Boston marathon and I think there was some sort of trouble a couple of years ago – terrorist attack or something, so I hope it went well today. I think the London marathon also takes place around this time. Switzerland also has a marathon, but not such big deal. I remember a couple of years ago I was in Biel and talking to two english guys that were there to take part in the marathon


  4. I have been trying to get the “jolt” I need to go into work and find the incentive to start/finish my new/old projects. I was sick two weeks ago and it’s so hard to recover. MZ

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    • I remember those jolts from my days as a memeber of the work force. I always had to search for them as they were never there when I should have had them.


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