8 thoughts on “Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: April 16, 2017

  1. I find myself a bit confused. Is the foundation in trouble? Why did so deep for a simple paint and patch job? When we painted buildings we took a small shovel and made a small trench along the building side that would be filled back in after the paint dried. Hugs

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    • A simple paint and patch job would be perfect, but we are in Switzerland a special sort of “lets do it right and expensive” Switzerland, where you will not just need paint and patch, but new plaster, a nice new colour (green, but a faint touch of green), and the blinds will be ripped out in a couple of weeks to be replaced again, some time in October, with new blinds. And the nice grey-white striped sun blind will also be replaced with a nice green one. Oh, how I hate green, but somehow everyone thinks the place will cave in if we don’t do it now. We will now be surrounded by a scaffolding, workmen and all the works. The only advantage for me (I hope) is plenty of food for the camera and think of it. Those lovely men drinking their cola from the bottle at the break, you know like the ones in the ads (I don’t think).
      The trenches are being built to implant the scaffolding, and they must go deep according to the health and safety laws presiding in this country. Oh, I give up.

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