Good Morning

Apple Blossom 14.04 (3)

At the back of my back garden the apple tree is blossoming, and the forget-me-nots are joining in. Today begun as a dull day, a little bit of sun, but our expert meteorologists have predicted some rain. I would be glad for some wet weather, but it is not happening in our part of the country.

Garden Hose 14.04.2017We have now got a new hose for our garden. The old one was in its own trolley, but we noticed our neighbours had one like this, so I went on a quest in Internet and found this one and we ordered it, delivered two days later. It is much better. You no longer have to roll it up because it is a sort of spiral and just hangs. All we now have to do is turn on the water and spray the garden. It is much easier to handle. Amazing modern day life: you see it, order it over the computer and the postman delivers. If it is sent by registered mail the post office inform us when it was sent and will be arriving.

Good Friday came and went, and am still wondering what is so good about it. Today a normal Saturday. Mr. Swiss goes to town for some bits and pieces and I do a little bit of housework at home. I am still trying to work out Tuesday: another problem caused by the stupid Easter Week-end because on Monday everything is closed. I have food to eat, but on Tuesday it means we must organise a shopping expedition because the cupboard will be bare. However Mr. Swiss to the rescue again.  He has a doctor visit and will afterwards do some shopping. The workers will be arriving with the scaffolding on Tuesday which should make an interesting day.

We got a letter last week informing us of the timetable of the builders, but nearly all of it had already happened. One detail we are not too keen on is the warning to keep all windows closed during the work because of the dust that will arise. The work will only be finished in October, so it looks like a long hot summer. I would have appreciated knowing the hours of a bulders working day, like when they go home in the evening, for a little normal life at the end of the day. The guy in charge of the whole process has been seen now and again. He is usually walking around with another clever guy and they point and talk. We are still waiting for him to pay us a little visit, nothing special, just a handshake getting to know you and asking if we have any particular questions. All we have is a notice stuck to the entrance door with a few telephone numbers and a picture of the guy in charge, saying give us a call if you have questions.

I might go for a walk this afternoon, as there will be an easy run for the evening meal and I will have time. Perhaps I might visit some cows or ducks, or some graves in the cemetery. I am not yet sure: the choices in the day of a golden oldie.

Enjoy the beginning of the week-end, I will be taking it easy.

River Aar 12.04 (1)

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  1. From Wikipedia:
    The etymology of the term “good” in the context of Good Friday is contested. Some sources claim “good” to simply mean pious or holy, while others contend that it is a corruption of “God Friday”. The Oxford English Dictionary supports the first etymology, giving “of a day or season observed as holy by the church” as an archaic sense of good (good, adj. 8c), and providing examples of good tide meaning “Christmas” or “Shrove Tuesday”, and Good Wednesday meaning the Wednesday in Holy Week.

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