Daily Prompt: Annoyed

via Daily Prompt: Cranky

Funny word Cranky. I know it more as the German word “Krank” which means translated “ill”, but being cranky in english means more annnoyed, bad tempered. I was actually going to give myself a holiday from Saturday afternoon prompts, but I do not have anything better to do with my time at the moment. I was extremely cranky yesterday afternoon when my computer was not working, but that is now tempo passati as it was my own fault and now everything is functioning perfectly.

I am annoyed about what is happenning to my nice little daily routine at the moment. We have Easter, one of those religious holidays where the population runs amok buying food as if there would be no more. I am an atheist, but there is no point in not believeing, because life in our country is geared to Easter. The shelves are full of chocolate eggs, chocolate bunny rabbits, and everyone wants one.

You invite people for lunch (which I do not) and so you need more meat, but not just any meat. It has to be something fit for Easter, if there is any left in the supermarket. That is probably one of the reasons why everyone gets cranky and rushes to grab what is left, because you never know, the shelves might be emptied by the teaming masses celebrating their Easter Feast. I suppose if you believe in the whole thing and join in you are fasting for the time before Easter, known as Lent I believe, and  need more food to make up for it afterwards. This morning Mr. Swiss went on a quest to the supermarket. Nothing special, just for a few bits and pieces, so unimportant I cannot even remember what he was buying. He returned very much cranky.


First complaint was that there were absolutely no parking spaces free at the supermarket, coupled with a queue of cars watiting for a parking space. He travelled further to the next supermarket, just along the road and there he found a space. He walked back to our supermarket. It was under siege. When he returned home after the shopping trip he spoke of it as a battle. I told him it was the Saturday between Good Friday and the remainder of the Easter holidays, which was a normal condition.

You see in the olden days when we were bringing up the kids and working during the week in a paid employment, shopping was a woman thing. I did it all, because he was busy doing other home stuff – cannot remember what, but it must have been necessary.

So those “black” Saturdays were left to me to get the remainders of the food for Easter. There was another disadvantage. For some strange reason I took the kids with me, at least the elder two of them. I remember battling my way through the shelves, and eventually arriving at the end of the queue at the cash desk with two sulky children, and believe me it was a Guness Book of Records suspicious queue. I could not drive at that time, so it was all done by walking to the town supermarket, and walking home again. I had one of those shopping bags on wheels. On the way home I had stopped listening to the kids, and they were beginning to hate me. I could not blame them really.

And now Mr. Swiss went on his own on easter Saturday shopping and he discovered the disadvantages of Easter shopping on Saturday. It was not really cranky, more kamikaze, but he had a car and he did survive to tell me all about it. I began to hate Chrismas a couple of years ago, but have now managed to learn to deal with it, in the way of not really dealing with it, just ignoring it, but at least Christmas is a few days and then everything returns to normal afterwards.

Easter is a day then a day of shopping and then another two days and the week begins on Tuesday afterwards. Weeks beginning on a Tuesday are not proper weeks. They are weeks with no beginning. I told Mr. Swiss either we starve on Tuesday or someone goes shopping for a few bit and pieces. I glared at him and he volunterred, saying he has to go to the doc in any case.

The next holidays here are Ascension Day and Corpus Christi, but both on a Thursday with no chocolate bunnies or eggs, just normal food and that is no problem. I do not believe in them either, but our Kanton in Switzerland does and so the shops will be closed.

So, now I have got that one out of my system things are no longer so cranky.


Daily Prompt: Annoyed

10 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Annoyed

  1. I’m trying to decide if I want to go to the store today or just hang it up for a couple more days. Stores here are open on Easter, so it’s no big deal, and I like shopping on Sunday mornings because no one else does. I’m not an atheist, but I have a harder and harder time understanding religion. Why is one day (made up) more sacred than another day? They’re all too short and too few as it is. 🙂

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    • Switzerland is still encased in the days of no Sunday shopping, except for Interlaken where everthing is open, I once noticed, because of the tourists. I like to go shopping when no-one else goes and usually we have no big problems. It just seems that Easter is a real congregation of shoppers frightened that nothing will be left. I am an atheist and although various religions are interesting to read about, they are just interesting – no more and no less for me.

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  2. That’s like the week before Thanksgiving here. People lay in supplies as if there will never be another meal in this lifetime. I bet more than half of that winds up in the trash anyway, but it’s a bonanza for the grocery stores. Easter is the chocolate holiday here. And the dyed egg holiday. You know, as soon as Jesus rose from the dead, he was greeted by an Easter Basket full of chocolate and painted eggs and life on earth hasn’t been the same since.

    I try to never go near the store on a day like today. Sometimes, we have no choice and I’m pretty sure Garry will have to go because we are out of our version of cream for the coffee, but if he waits until later, maybe it won’t be too bad.

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    • I loved that first comment you made about the easter basket with the eggs. I remember my dad telling me of his stay in Palestine at the courtesy of the british army in the war. He said arabs would suddenly appear on camels in the middle of the desert and have eggs to offer, but you never saw a chicken. Must be a sort of magic thing in the area.

      I just do not like the Easte holiday, it is a stress thing, although now everything is dealt with I can laze aroud and forget it all. Thank goodnes for a Mr. Swiss and Mr. Gary, they certainly come in useful at these hard times. I only like cream whipped on fuit. I never buy milk, but Mr. Swiss does now and again. I don’t use it at all.

      I can imagine that your thanksgiving is a big thing , but I always feel sorry for the turkeys.


      • I feel sorry for all the animals we kill to eat, but I still eat them. I have a whole emotional issue about animals and dying and eating meat. If I had the courage of my convictions, I wouldn’t eat it, but I obviously don’t have the courage of my convictions.

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        • I feel the same but the human body is constructed to digest meat and probably our race would not have survived without it. Ancient caveman ate it all. And my cat? They only digest meat.


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