Good Morning

Easter Bunny

Coloured Easter EggsMy supermarket tells me it is Easter with the various easter bunnies in all shapes and sizes. What do you do? You take a photo. And what are my plans for Easter? I have no plans for Easter, that was long ago when I had kids wanting to decorate the 30 eggs I had boiled and a mother-in-law that I invited to Friday lunch. Now all things of the past. Mr. Swiss bought the coloured eggs in the supermarket, so at least we have something that makes it feel like easter and they are eggs from Swiss chickens of course, but they do not lay them in the various colours.

I will be cooking fish for lunch today, but that has nothing to do with Easter. It is mainly because the supermarket has special offers for fish on Friday, although I bought my cod yesterday because today the supermarket is closed. Another wonderful thing about Easter, your complete weekly programme is destroyed. Mr. Swiss and I ventured into the supermarket yesterday, when everyone else was filling the kitchen with food. Due to our meticulous planning by cloud shopping list on our iPhones, we knew exactly what we needed. It went perfectly. I told Mr. Swiss that first of all it would be meat. When you have the meat, you can build up the remainders around it, and it might be possible that the meat you want they have already sold. We were lucky and we did not have to wait.

We moved onto the vegetable, which was not difficult. The only safe veg we buy is cauliflour and fennel and some tomatoes, because No. 1 son does not like any green vegetables. We eat the green ones during the week when he is at work. Mr. Swiss made a divergence to the fruit. I am not a great fruit eater, but he was planning on making one of his famous apple tarts, so I let him get on with it.

Eventually we made a pause at the refrigerated goods section to compare our cloud lists and eliminate the goods already bought. We were left with only a few items and realised that our quest was almost completed. There was one small problem. As we placed the stuff we bought on the conveyer belt I discovered that the lamb filets were not enough. I left Mr. Swiss to deal with packing the goods from the band, and made an excursion to get another portion of meat. I am not the quickest in walking, but I completed the quest and returned to the till where everyone was waiting for our extra meat. They did not clap when I arrived, but the lady at the cash desk said “look Mrs. Angloswiss is here” and Mr. Swiss was glad that the embarrassment of keeping everyone waiting was now over. However, the couple behind us said that has also happened to them as well, that is how you meet new people when shopping. Of coure everyone knows the Angloswiss family at the supermarket, so no problem.

After the shopping Mr. Swiss had to make a quick visit to the kiosk and as the flower shop is opposite I decided to get a couple of plants I wanted for the garden. We arrived home in good time and congratulated ourselves on the perfect logistics we had applied to the shopping expedition. We are now covered with food until Easter Monday and excursions to supermarkets and shops are now completed. Mr. Swiss will make a short solo journey on Saturday morning for what might have been forgotten, but we seem to have it all.

I even managed to quickly clean my windows yesterday afternoon and now have nothing do until next week. The gardeners and workmen that are helping to rebuild out outside living quarters have also now disappeared, so it will be peace and quiet until next Tuesday when the scaffolding will be constructed.

I remember my days when I was a working woman, with family and kids at Easter. Reflecting on it all I do not know how I managed the shopping quest after the working day and the preparations. Mr. Swiss could not help me then as he was working to far away. I remember it was stress and to top it all our company had the fantastic idea of inviting everyone to an Easter enjoyment in the local village hall, with speeches on the general annual turnover successes (or not) and having fun together. All I wanted to do was go home and get it all behind me. Easter was always a stress in the export business as the orders all had to be finalised and sent to the four corners of the world.

Not everyone celebrates Easter by closing down and time is turnover of course. Even as a golden oldie, my company send me an invitation to join in with the other pensioners at the Easter fun. Sorry, but it nerved me when I was a worker and now I have the choice to say no. It is a nice thought, but at last I can relax at home, eat and do nothing. That is the real meaning of Easter for me – forget all the bits on the side.

And so with these meaningful words I will leave you to begin your Easter holiday with eggs, chocolate bunnies and all the trimmings.

Easter bunny with flowers

2 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. It is also Passover. I used to make a little service with the nice roast lamb that traditionally is part of it, but these days, I also do nothing. I think Garry would like to go to church, if only they would have service in the middle of the afternoon rather than inconveniently in the morning. So I suspect he will also do nothing. At least we are now of an age where it’s okay to do nothing.

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    • About 50% of our school colleagues were Jewish and I remember the Jewish holidays that they got when we had to go to school, especially the Jewish new year which i believe is some time in September. I am not sure but believe Passover doesn’t always coincide with the exact Easter dates.


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