Daily Prompt: Measure, because I am ready to explode

I find blogging fun because it gives me something useful to do with my golden oldie life. I can write, take photos and generally follow the prompts. I like things to run smoothly, with no excitement. At the moment I am have a luck of the draw with my computers. We have two stations in our appartment, one at the front and one at the back.

It is all wireless, Wlan or whatever – I am no expert. If I take a photo with my mobile phone it automatically uploads onto my computer.

When all of this works, I am a happy bunny, no problems, you do not even hear anything from me because I am writing, working on photos on my computer and generally a nice type of person to get on with. If anything intrerupts this normal process I am annoyed, lose my patience and my little world breaks apart. I have even been known to utter profanities. Today was one of those days. I wanted to write about measure, I am writing about measure.

Signal for computer

This afternoon I fired up my Apple computer and wanted to begin to write. I got no reception, nothing. I had the correct network (we have two), but was left with a blank screen. I noticed that my iPad was a bit slow on the uptake after lunch, but now the computer had given up. I checked my phone and discovered that a couple of photos I had taken were not uploading through the normal cloud and was confronted with an eternal turning circle searching for a connection which it could not find. What do you do. Ask Mr. Swiss? Yes and No: he is not Bill Gates and was busy with something else. His computer on our other wave length on the other side of the appartment was functioning OK, but for good measure he switched off the modem and fired it up again. Still a problem, no reception for me.

I moved my apple macbook to his room and I had power, my web sites were functioning. It must be our Fritz Replicator which gives me my signal (read the name on the little plaque) – see photo. We restarted it by  unplugging and replugging and lo and behold my computer was alive and I can do what I usually do.

I have now calmed down, although another pet peeve of mine is losing time. Time is not something that hides in  corner which you find again. It is something you must make up for. Time cannot only be measured in seconds, minutes or hours, but in nerves, in something lost and never found again.

If all of this seems a bit sketchy in the explanations it is because I really do not know the correct descriptions for all these computer devices. I would also add that I also tried my Microsoft computer, but had the same result. It was then that I realised something must be wrong with an installation somewhere.


I actually measured this ditch in front of my computer room window for a prompt theme and I even began to blame the workmen that created it  for destroying my computer wave lengths. Mr. Swiss said it was not possible for them to interrupt my wireless connection, because it was wireless. I mean when you get annoyed, it can be anyone’s fault, only not your own. I did  some ironing this morning in my computer room next to this magical wave length strengthening box – so who knows. Perhaps I moved the plug just a little bit – but only a little bit, I did not measure the distance.

Daily Prompt: Measure, because I am ready to explode

15 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Measure, because I am ready to explode

  1. I am laughing WITH you, not at you. I love your spot on description of self frustration and how all that goes wrong must be someone elses fault, not your own. I am on my front porch laughing out loud…so glad I am not reading in public today. Hope the rest of your day MEASURES higher on the happiness scale!!!

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    • I have now recovered enough to write about it. The stupidity of the whole problem was that the solution was simple. I can now move on after calming down. Laughing is always a good remedy for frustration, but when it happens you don’t feel like laughing, more like throwing the computer out of the window, but that would be no good. We live on the ground floor.

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    • I have had problems with my internet connection now and again and now I know why. We have now connected in another plug higher up which should be the solution. Mr. Swiss now has to use our electric mower because our mowey cannot be used when the builders are working outside, they might cut through a connection or something. We have plenty of sockets, but if one fuses it would probably fuse them all.

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  2. IF you have your own router, it may be out. Routers last a long time, but eventually, they can break. Ours broke a couple of years ago and we had to replace it. Otherwise, it could be a lack of signal from your supplier — whoever sends you WiFi signal. If it doesn’t restore itself, you’ll have to track it down.

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    • Our router etc are working perfectly. The solution to the problem was in front of our noses, simple really. The signal strengthening appliance (see photo) was no longer plugged in properly, because the lead to my iron got in between when I was ironing and had loosened its connection to the socket. All we had to do was re-connect it and now everything is ok. We have now plugged it into a different socket where my iron will not get in its way.


  3. Technology is awesome when it works and oh so frustrating when it does not!!!!!!
    I love the old turn it off and turn it back on again- amazing how many times that works! 😃🐻


  4. I can feel your frustration with not being able to connect. It can be most annoying & irritating when our devices, of which we are often so dependent, don’t connect up and work right…. And time, such a precious commodity that just seems to flitter & fly away – disappearing before we know, never to be seen again.

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