Daily Prompt: There is a time for everything

Lewisea and Indian Mallow planted

My nice colourful ivy has disappeared. Where there were green leaves with white edges, there are now only dry stalks. I think I saw a single leaf a few weeks ago but its time had come to an end. In a way it was timely, because it is Spring and in Spring your can get rid of the old and in with the new.

I am taking photos every time I visit the supermarket and I was on a quest this week for something to replace my ivy, R.I.P., although it might return. Where there are still stalks, even if they are dry, there might be roots and roots rest awhile and one day may again re-appear. I decided to plant my new discoveres where the ivy was.

This week is a silly week for planning, because someone decided to plant Easter at the end of the week, making my timely organisation completely untimely. I saw a plant on Monday which rather appealed to me as a replacement for the departed ivy (R.I.P.) with the strange name of Lewisa.


I decided this would be the new chosen one to partly replace ivy. This morning, three days later, I saw that it was still on the shelf in the store. In the meanwhile I had examined the details of the Lewisa on Internet and it seems it was discovered by a guy called Lewis , the plant facing north somewhere in the States. I decided anything that survives facing north would be ideal for Switzerland, as here everything faces North. It should have well drained soil, a bit stony and I decided it would be perfect. But would it still be available this morning – yes it was. I even had a discussion with the saleslady (I always have discussions) and she said she has them in her garden, a wonderful plant for covering the earth, and blossoming freely already in Spring. I decided this was it, and so I bought two – this pink one, and a yellow one.

My quest was not completed as there would still  space in betweeen, and so I discovered something else on Monday, researched the details on the computer in the meawhile and was again lucky. They had a large assortment of Abutilon still availalbe.


I fell in love with these when I saw them, not cheap, but affordable and this morning I chose one in this colour to complete my new bed, still hoping that the ivy would again re-appear to surround ny new flower choices. A common name for this flower is also Indian Mallow (no not hemp, although that would also be a good idea – and they have a herbal quality). Now mallow grow everwhere in my garden, although generally considered as weeds. I like them and when they are finished are easy to remove, because they will return the following year from the seeds they spread.

Common Mallow

This is the common mallow which grow everywhere. I have now bought the Indian mallow and if it is true to its reputation should survive everything. The label  says winter proof.

It was not really timely for me to dig up the garden with a fork and plant these new arrivals, but Mr. Swiss was busily engaged in a conversation with our neighbour and I did not want to interrupt him, although two extra hands would have been useful. The work is now done, everything is planted and now it is just a wait and see.

Daily Prompt: There is a Time for everything

8 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: There is a time for everything

    • Good luck, but be careful. Make sure you can keep your balance. My problem was working ou how to do it without having to bend, but I just had to grip onto the next bush to steady myself.


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