Photo Challenge: Surprise

Alps 09.04 (2)

We have a castle on a hill in our village, Schloss Waldegg. I often climb the hill and sit on a bench and take photos from the top. We have alps in Switzerland, high mountains with snow and ice and opposite our castle hill, many kilometers away, a 1 hour drive on the motorway, we arrive in the Bernese Overland with all the big ones – in the middle you see the Eiger, on the right the Jungfau and somewhere in between the Mönch. They are just names, but when you live in a country for 50 years and see them on a clear day in front of your nose you begin to recognise them.

Of course I say “on a clear day”, but days are not always so clear and then you just see grey clouds and a few hills. On a good day you sit on the bench, raise the camera to your eyes and see something like this photo and then you have the great surprise. I will never tire of the view. Have I been there – yes many times on holidays spent in Grindelwald and yes I climbed them all, but by train or through the camera. An additional surprise was the three birds I caught on the camera when I took this photo as they were flying past.

Photo taken on 9th April, 2017

Photo Challenge: Surprise

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