Good Morning

Apple Tree 11.04 (1)

The sun is shining, the  birds are singing and I hear the sound of an electric saw in the background due to our appartment house being tranformed into a building site, but all things pass. At least the pneumatic drills have now disappeared. Apple trees have again decided to make apples this year and the first blossoms have arrived.  The apple tree in the photo I planted approximately 15 years ago, and it gives me a harvest of about 100-200 apples a year. There is a second gala apple tree that I planted next to it. The gala was an experiment, grown from a seed that I planted in a pot from an apple I ate. It took 10 years but last year bore the first 5 apples, which were not such healthy apples. The beginnings looke good, but they gave up, turned brown and dropped from the tree. It was probably too much for the tree. This year it is flowering again, but this time more and who knows? Perhaps they might start calling me Angloswiss Appleseed.

Yesterday was quite an eventful day outside. The scaffolding preparations have now  been almost completed. Obviously the gardeners do not tell me all their secrets,, but yesterday a workman arrived from the architect with one of those newly developed measuring devices. It seems that even the good old ruler has been replaced with something electronic. He was making mysterious manipulations with it on our house facade for scaffolding preparations. There were mumblings about 2 meters 50 distance, but we are not sure whether he meant how high, or how wide, it was all chinese to us was and not interested in explanations but said the big day for the beginnings of the installation of the scaffolding will be next Tuesday. It will take a week.

In the meanwhile the gardeners shifted my monumental flower box.

Renovation 11.04 (2)

Renovation 11.04 (1)Yes it was heavy, containing some climbing plants and tulips, but it is saved and is still alive. They placed it on some bricks and as the hedge will be remaining and not be removed, I am happy. It is just a matter of getting used to a few things being different. The gardener told me that will not be doing anything in our garden. They have removed one bush at the edge of our space which does not touch our garden. They now have a new path for transporting stuff and even placed wood temporarily on my lawn to protect it from trampling gardener’s boots. It is quite a useful path, for me also.

They had to remove a few tiles in front of our building but moved our temporary smaller table for us. I was having dark throughts about the whole thing, but it can only get better. They are very nice guys doing the work. Yes the world of Mrs. Angloswiss is becoming interesting, something new happening every day. When the gardeners leave next week, it will be the builders and construction men, the ones with the plaster and paint etc. The men that will be climbing to the roof and back again.

In the meanwhile life goes on and yesterday Mr. Swiss made a solo excursion to the shops. Our routine is different this week due to everything being closed for “good” Friday, although as said I have not yet found anything good about it. It messes up my golden oldie life. Mr. Swiss said the supermarket was under siege yesterday and he could not even find a parking space when he arrived. The place was teeming with golden oldies and their grandkids as well as housewives, and that all because people think famine will break out over the Easter Holidays. We have planned. Today Mr. Swiss will get a few odd bits to ensure that we survive and tomorrow the big Easter shopping will be done, but I have not invited anyone and have not been invited, and that does it nicely for me. The meals are planned and there will be no big banquet. No. 1 son has already told us that he will be at a concert in town on Saturday evening so that will be one less.

I even managed a walk yesterday up the hill to the castle and on the way saw a few familiar cows, doing what cows do in the meadow. Either resting or munching hay, and taking a drink.

Cows 11.04 (7)

This cow was asking for a photo, he could not take his eyes of me until I took a shot. I think she wanted to show off her new ear jewellery.

Enjoy the day, have fun and remember, it can only get better as I have now discovered.

4 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I like apple blossoms even more than cherry. And I love the way the smell. We don’t have any of them here … too dark, but there are orchards all over the valley, so I can always take a little drive and a big long sniff!

    Glad the jack hammers have gone away.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s a great spring here, one of the best I can remember, or perhaps I am becoming just a sentimental golden oldie. Everywhere I look around me I see flowering trees. I have even got used to the workmen, plenty of food for the camera and they seem to love it.


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