Good Morning

Hostas 06.04 (2)

The builders have been busy digging and removing and were creeping nearer to the corner where one of my patches of hostas were. I had a feeling they mght be doomed and yesterday Mr. Swiss called me, there was a problem. This corner had to be removed, excavated, destroyed, but they left me a choice. Remove them and they would replace them one day, or transport them to another part of the garden. I decided that 10 years of hostas was not to be disposed of in five minutes, so together with the gardener we found a new place for them, an ideal place. I must say the workers can be very helpful. Together with the gardener in the first year of apprenticeship we found a good place on the edge of one of my other hosta beds and he moved them with care to their new place. I can always buy new ones to fill the gap when the building episode is finished. This is their new place.

Renovation 10.04 (1)

They have already fitted into the scenery and seem to be quite content amongst the other growing hostas.

Otherwise the work continues and today they are beginning on the other side of our appartment building. I must say it makes a change for things to be happening and not the usual boring daily trot. They are now working in front of my kitchen window and removing stones.


This is now the new view from my kitchen window, but they said they do not have to dig deeper, so we will  not have an extension of the moat effect. I am still thinking about climbing plants on the scaffolding and the gardener found it would be something completely different. I now have to organise something safe for me to walk on when I go outside. The gardener just told me he will place two planks over the gap for us to walk over when going into the garden. He also assured me yesterday that he will not be touching my garden and my plants will be safe during the work. Now I am reassured, so what could possibly happen.

And now to the normal daily dredge, there are things to do and I am spending far too much time talking to frendly gardeners and taking photos of the actual events still dressed in my kaftan/dressing gown.

Enjoy the day, have fun, like I am having.


7 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. What a coincidence. I just had my back garden re-landscaped. I am preparing for my old age. I have steep stairs that go down to it, and I had them use risers that were 6 inch instead of 7, so easier to go down. If needs be, I could have a stairlift, like my mother had. I have to be able to go to the garden. I have to be able to get outside. I should post a picture on WordPress.

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    • Gardens are a good idea until you begin to feel the age in the bones and notice that weeding and digging etc. is not longer in the game. We have a gardener and I had the place a little redone to make things easier. I now concentrate on plants that live forever, at least almost. No more seed sowing for me, Just the perrenials and bushes. I have a front garden and back garden and luckily sensible sizes.


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