Flower of the Day: 10.04.2017 Abutilon


You think you have seen them all and then today I saw some of these outside of the local gardening department in the store. In the meawhile I have decided, I must have one and see how they grow. It is a member of the mallow family and I think they have a good chance of survival in my garden, at least I hope so.

Flower of the Day: Abutilon

11 thoughts on “Flower of the Day: 10.04.2017 Abutilon

  1. I just looked at the pictures of the different varieties. It says that you should ‘go’ for a variety with long, slim flowers because they last the longest…. I love ‘Malven’ bushes, don’t really know them well in pots. I had – when we bought our house here in France 9 yrs ago – three beautiful little ‘Sommermalven’ trees – but because they were not planted at a place they could develop nicely (too close to a stone balustrade and hardly any good soil at all, but we didn’t know that at the time), two of them died quickly. My son could just lift the second one out of the ground, it was soggy and soft like a sponge and had practically no roots. I hope that at least the third one might survive. So, really good luck with yours!!! And ‘bonne nuit’

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      • it’s a constant confusion with languages…. hollyhocks I thought were stockroses….? But they do look a bit like from the Malven family?!?! Oh gosh, I hate that… nothing but guess-games 😉
        bonne nuit


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