Daily Prompt: Blind Moments

It was a morning of decision making and alternatives. No, I really did not want to go shopping on my own to the supermarket which was suggestion No. 1 by Mr. Swiss, or was it a command. He wanted to wait for the postman, who always rings twice in any case, because he had received an online notification from the Swisspost that a registered letter would be arriving today for him. He realised that his new Swiss identity card would be arriving and he wanted to be here to sign for it. I can understand that part of it. He would otherwise have to travel to the next village. They are not hostile villagers, look like us and speak the same language, but they are naturally not as nice as we are – although I never had a problem with them, but we Brits get on with everyone.

We were both having blind moments of thought processing, but mine were processing faster and differently. No, I will not go shopping on my own, I had a much better idea and to my surprise it was accepted. We will both wait until this important document arrives with the post, we will sign for it and afterwards go shopping together. As neither of us had a clue what to have for dinner, I managed to pour some sight onto the situation and sueggested we would have lunch together in the supermarket restaurant. Surprisngly Mr. Swiss found it a good idea.

In the meanwhile our bulding team that are renovating our garden, encountered a problem, which was mine. They are now digging a trench at the walls of our house and one of my smaller hosta beds was under threat. The gardening workman said either they can transplant them or keep them on one side until the work was finished (in 7 months?). I found a place for them and one of their men dug them out and kindly replaced them in another part of my flower beds, in one of my other hosta beds. In the meanwhile Mr. Swiss had to disappear to have a talk with one of the head gardeners and left me instructions to sign for his card as he had seen that the post lady was approaching.  I had also used the valuable time saved by not going immediately shopping, and cleaned all my doors, which I usually attend to in the afternoon: a quick job, but it still needs to be done.

Supermarket accident

And so the day was rescued, for me. I did not have to go alone shopping and my partner remained at my side. I did not have to organise so much, as today’s lunch was already taken care of. I had time and so took a few photos in the supermarket. Mr. Swiss was not happy as he lost me now and again. I just had to take a photo of this little accident in the shopping area. Someone had placed a new arrival of goods on the floor and had a small accident as it seems that a few boxes containing glass with oily material had broken. You have to capture these things when they happen, after all they might be useful as an illustration for a blog – one of my main purposes in my golden oldie life.

The shopping was completed and so we moved to the restaurant. It is self service, and we decided to sit outside in the garden of the restaurant (yes, another photo).

Migros restaurant

As you can see the sun was shining and we managed to find a comfortable place in the shade beneath one of the large yellow sun shades. I always have problems carrying my tray and a walking stick, so usually Mr. Swiss has to walk twice, with my food and afterwards with his. The lady at the cash desk immediately stood up and said she would carry my tray to our table. There are really wonderful people still amongst us.


We were not alone when eating, but it can get annoying when others are watching you eat from the top of the wall at the side. I decided to ignore them and continued eating my breaded fish, with spargel spears and potatoes in rosemary. That is why I like blind moments, you do not see everything, but they are full of suprises.

Daily Prompt: Blind Moments

6 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Blind Moments

  1. I really enjoyed reading about your daily life, and I am glad you take the photos. They are important to illustrate what you are talking about. From your words and photos, I feel like I was there with you yesterday!!! Most of all, your observation at the end was priceless!! Thanks for starting my morning off right.

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    • I am always taking photos Otherwise I would forget everything. It was today not yesterday, this morning. I pack a lot into a morning it seems. I am on European time. Not every day is the same, tomorrow is bathroom cleaning day, so there will not be so much excitement. These photos were with my mobile phone as I did not have my camera with me.


  2. I got serious about driving the other day. I said “Why not, I can do it.” And I can. But the thing is, I’m not very strong and my body is undependable. I have trouble with so many simple things. What if something happens while I’m driving? And that stops me in my tracks. Because there’s no answer for that.

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    • I am with you all the way on this and it was exactly my thought as well, especially when my GP told me of an MS suffere that had a push when driving and drove into another car resulting in a fatal injury for the others. I had almost decided to return my driving licence and never use it again. My GP left the decision to my neurolog. His first question was why on earth I wanted no longer to drive. I told him in the case of an accident the insurance would not pay and it would be all my fault. He said wrong. I have his support and because of that my GP would also give her support. I should take the idiot test for 70 year olds and every second year afterwards because it would be no problem. Mr. Swiss and I had a rethink and I passed the idiot test with no problem. My problem is my left foot/leg, but as I drive an automatic I do not need it. The funny thing is when I am sitting in the car I feel fine. No aches or pains. Anyhow after almost 2 years I am driving again, although I would add up to now always with Mr. Swiss, but I can probably do it on my own. he is more a nuisance than a help often. I think we all have to know our own capabilities. Mr. Swiss is 8 years older than me, will be 80 in 2 years, and I never know when I would be glad to be able to drive.


  3. I had to renounce to my driving license five years ago because of an illness and it was like losing freedom an independence. Now I get used to it but I miss my trips and outings of th old days a lot.

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