Good Morning


I am quite proud of ths kalanchoe. The stores always have them in various colours, and like the orchids, they flower for a long while. I usually have one on my kitchen table, although will probably now put it outside in the garden as the weather gets warmer. I did not really know how to look after them properly and the first attempts died off with no warning. I decided to see what the computer said and asked in the store. It seems too much water is their killer, just once a week. I think I killed my first kalanchoe with kindness and too much water. Now the summer time is approaching I even feed it with fertiliser in the water. This has paid off.

The kalanchoe in the photo was full of flowers, the red sort. After some time they began to disappear, I cut away the dead flower stalks and continued to look after it. A couple of weeks later it had again produced flower stalks, so I decided to continue with my attention. Now it has again began to flower and has not lost any leaves. They are a thankful plant, like orchids. You do not need to buy bouquets of flowers, when these continuously flower.

Today looks like it will again become a nice sunny one, with an invitation for a walk this afternoon. The nice thing about week-ends, is that the working population, meaning the building companies, leave us is peace and quiet. It seems that things will not be a bad as we thought with the installations. My main problem was the garden, but once the scaffolding is fitted up the garden it will be left intact.  I was talking to the neighbour yesterday and we are both golden oldies, so have programmed our gardens to only grow stuff that remains and no new plants that will have to be cared for. The plants are in the ground and will appear every year again. At the moment the spring bulbs are flowering.


And now to the work – not really work, just a voluntary job I do at home to give me a purpose in life. Today is one of those Sunday lunches that  begins to cook in the morning for about 3 hours slowly with no stress. Once it is in the pot I can forget it untile lunch time (veal ragout).

See you later, but do not know when and where and have a nice relaxing Sunday.

5 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I’m glad it won’t be as bad as you feared. i actually got out and raked out my garden. My son promised to get in there next sunday and pull out the dead rose bushes. They are like a spool of barbed wire, but once gone, I can put something else in there. i think a bush … nothing I have to nurse!

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    • I have two rose bushes that are ok and a climbing rose which might become a victim of the builders. I buy a small potted summer now and again and when they are finished I put them in the garden and they grow into small rose bushes. One of my experiments.


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