Daily Prompt: Outlier, yes that’s me

Daffodil victim

There is always the first to go, to do it all differently. Yes, this daffodil was in the wrong place at the wrong time, and all it wanted to do was to survive, at least until the last days of spring. Alas this was not to be. This morning the buiding worker had to remove a small part of our hedge. It was just a small part, thank goodness, otherwise there would have been more casualties to mourn than just one daffodil. It was not even the hedge removal that was the problem, no, it was the builder who happend to put his booted foot in the wrong place. He did not even notice it, so RIP daffodil. I am sure it will return again next year.

In the meanwhile why waste time in grieving over a silly daffodil. I have been an outlier all my life. I always had different ideas to the others. All my schoolfriends completed their examinations and followed their routine jobs afterwards in London. Me, no, I wanted to go places and see things, and I did not really care where. That is the outliers advantage, we are not fussy, just do it. And so I arrived in Switzerland, met Mr. Swiss and am still an outlier according to him.

Is it my fault that I do not have the same taste in food as he does. He loves pasta, and I do not mind it, but just now and again and not with every meal. Cervelat and Hörnli (Swiss sausage and paste curved bits) he finds and ideal lunch and I find it most unappetising, I have been longing to make a moussaka one day, but he does not like aubergine, and I do.  I wanted an arum lily as a centerpiece for the kitchen table, but he found the bromelia was better.  After 48 years of married life I will not change, and neither will he, but that is the spice of life. Two Outliers found each other, and believe me life is never boring. We have continuous agreements to disagree.

I like to go to bed around 11,30, it works fine for me. He prefers to watch the late, late shows on the TV and arrives an hour later – no problem, I do not notice because I am already sleeping. He enjoys watching TV, I prefer to read a book or blog. It is a wonder that we are still together, but opposites attract they say and who can really say who the outlier is. We all have our own opinions and life style.

Daily Prompt: Outlier, yes that’s me

11 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Outlier, yes that’s me

  1. I found the moussaka interesting. I had to look it up. It says it doesn’t have to be made with eggplant, but instead can be made with potato. Have you tried that? Hugs

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    • For me a moussaka is not a moussake without an egg plant, no matter what Mr. Swiss thinks Moussada is usually a layer of egg plant and a layer of fried potato. I have a friend with two greek son-in-laws so she knows how it should be made.

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  2. I am sad for your daffodil.

    I am beset by a family that doesn’t like the same food I do, but we find some middle ground and that’s where I cook. And fortunately, we both love oriental food, Japanese and Chinese and Thai and whatever else we can find. Garry is usually okay as long as there are no peas, lima beans, cut corn, or oatmeal. Not even oatmeal cookies. ‘

    I’ll eat anything that doesn’t eat me first 🙂

    I really AM sorry about your daffodil. They are such cheery spring flowers.

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    • It is one daffodil of many and the bulb is still in the ground so it will arrive again next year, if I still have a garden then, although propects are looking good and I think most of the garden will survive.
      I have given up with trying to cook what I like. Mr. Swiss eats stuff that I do not like and vice versa. My autistic son will not eat green things or mushroom so it is a real adventure to discover something we all like. And I have a problem with lactose.


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