Good Morning

Solothurn 05.04 (4)

Why show such a photo that went wrong, when there are better photos to show. That is quite easy. Today everything has gone wrong since I awoke and switched on my iPad whilst hugging the bed. It was 6.30 in the morning and generally in a quarter of an hour I have visited and acknowledged likes and other sites, and still have a good half an hour to relax and dream on. This did not happen and my morning was as crooked and mishapen as the photo of the tractor I was taking from the car as we were leaving our home. I thought I had time to take the shot as Mr. Swiss was driving and had his foot on the break. However, he found he could go and went, without consideration of my delicate photographic operation. The result was part of the car in the bottom of the photo including the rear mirror at the top of the photo. Everything was on a slant, and so were my feelings this morning.

The WordPress server on my iPad was on a go slow. I had to renew continuously, so I moved onto my blogs to add some comments. This was also not running smoothly, so I travelled onto the reader to see what my colleagues had written during my night. I got a blank on the reader, and so I returned to the dashboard, which was still not working. Just now and again if I was lucky, I could write a few comments. OK, it is not a full time job, and I had some time to spare. Then Mr. Swiss appeared ready to strip the beds which I also help with, but it was not my time. So I had to drop everything and when I replaced my new clean duvet cover on my duvet everything was crooked inside the cover. I was at the point where I could not care less, desperation was setting in. I was glad to escape to the kitchen and work on a real computer, where everything was OK. There are some moments in time that you would be better without. I began my day in a bad mood, so things can only get better.


One bright point, look who has just appeared in front of my kitchen window. Roschti, the neighbour’s cat, is on his morning patrol. Luckily my cat Tabby, is now having her morning refreshment sleep, otherwise there might have been trouble. Yesterday Mr. Swiss managed to intervene, before they decided to have a fight until the death. It had got to the point where they were exchanging growls and poising for the attack. Somtimes they just ignore each other, but other times they make a point of not liking each other.

Today I have a few windows to clean, otherwise nothing special on the programme. It looks like a rainy day, but has looked like a rainy day every morning this week, and the rains have still not arrived. I might take a walk around the village this afternoon. We have a few trees that might be flowering. Our builders that we have been expecing to begin the work this week have still not arrived. Mr. Swiss are now quite cool about the whole thing. I am beginning to see the funny side of it all. You just have to find it, and I am very good at finding things to laugh at. I wonder if the workmen will laugh when they tell me my oversized heavy flower box will have to be moved and I tell them that I am invalide and Mr. Swiss has back problems, so they just have to find a nice place for it to be moved to. I hope they have a sense of humour.

I have wasted enough time this morning with WordPress and stripping and recovering beds and now I deserve a smooth walkaround with the vacuum cleaner and mop. Mr. Swiss has to go to the doctor, so he will have something to occupy himself with.

See you later, and as a goodbye a photo of one of the flower beds in our town which have now been freshly planted. With time the flowers will grow closer together.

Flower beds 05.04 (4)

5 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Sorry Pat, but you gotta laugh…. You should see the hundreds of crooked and useless photos I took and take every time we drive through Paris…. Countless – because although there is ALWAYS a bottleneck wherever and whenever in Paris, the very second I’m poised to press the shutter, the lights turn green or a truck is blocking my view (more often actually a biker because they have no fear and know no respect for life) or something else moves in….
    The ‘builders’ will come when they do – try to keep your cool – it will happen soon enough. All the best for today. I got up very early and am still not clothed… so I’m off to my shower.

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    • A lot of my photos are taken from the car, but I usually throw about half of them away as I have more views of the inside of the car. Yesterday was a great walk with the camera which compensated


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