Daily Prompt: It’s easy to deny


You see this fine hedge on the photo. The hedge that shows this is my territory, keep out, yes, exactly this hedge. It has now been given a death sentence. Our living quarters are going to be renovated. They will be planting metal poles in the ground and the hedge is in the way. The hedge never did any harm. We cut it and trim it to keep it tidy. We even pay a gardener to do the work, to encourage its neat growth. According to a letter we all received, these hedges have been given a temporary death sentence.

Temporary: not for ever, just for the Summer 2017 of our life they will be removed, their roots ripped from their anchors of life and transported to an unknown place. We have been told they will return again and be replanted. They are not lost forever. They are in the way. They are an intrusion to the work force that will be removing the plaster from our walls. The hedges are a nuisance in the way and they never did anything wrong. Man is all powerful. Man removes disturbing objects.

The Damocles sword has been hanging over our heads for a long while. We knew it would be happening, but did not know when until today. A garener was seen walking with one of our new leaders who can decide on the  life and death of a hedge. He was pointing his finger: here and there, and the finger was seen pointing to this hedge: from the wall on the left to our apple tree on the right. There will be no mercy. Every root wll be ripped out of its anchorage, perhaps there will be fatalities.

What has this hedge done wrong to deserve such a fate. It is quite simple, it is in the way. In the way of men and machines and scaffolding  and the destruction that will be wrought in the name of progress. When our summer is finished and stolen, the hedges will be redeemed to their rightful place we were told.

Today the philosophy is be ruthless, what is in the way is to be removed.

Daily Prompt: It’s easy to deny

13 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: It’s easy to deny

    • I have a new purpose in my life. I am documenting the whole epic with photos and words, mainly for us, but perhaps some might leak into WordPress. I am 70 years old and will not live forever. One day in the future it will be remembered as the year without a summer,, but does it matter. Hedges come and go, flowers blossom and return and life goes on with or without.

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    • That is what makes us most annoyed. There were various solutions and at first we had a very good suggestion. However one of the neighbours moved, who understood it all, and other took over who find the more expensive the better. It will be a complete renovation with new plaster, paint and who knows what. I said it will probably be gold plated eventually. We have now given up, there is no point, Che sara che sara. Today the first work began removing some tiles on the porch, but they only finished at the neighbour. Tomorrow morning it will be our turn. We have to go shopping, but I am hoping to get some photos in before we go.


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