Good Morning

Sky over Feldbrunnen

Not a very promising sky this morning, but no great rainstorms up to now and it would not bother me in any case. I have a cold, sneezing most of the time, Mr. Swiss is not feeling so good, and we have the threat of a building episode hanging over our heads.

My first movement in the morning is to reach out from my bed and grope towards my iPad. I love this new iPad. It is has a top capacity, I can pack it full with apps and as a bed solution, is ideal for catching up on likes with my comments. I live in European time which is 7 hours in front of States time, meaning that comments on my blogs usually arrive during my night, so I relax hugging the bed and write them. Another nice thing with the iPad is it seems to know what I want to write whilst I am writing it, and makes suggestions for the words I need, so all I have to do is choose and upload. I wonder how Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung would have found the use of an iPad. No more laying on a couch, just enter a few words and the analysis would be made by iPad suggestions. Perhaps not, but the imagination runs wild now and again.

This morning, whilst I was “playing” with my iPad I heard the thunderous noise of a lorry passing through. As we are expecting the invasion of the builders, I thought they might have now arrived, two days later than expected. Mr. Swiss, who was busy somewhere in the appartment, reassured me that it was a concrete mixer passing through. The magical words “passing through” soothed my nerves. Anything passing through was good, but things that stopped and settled were not, although the thought remained about concrete. To grow scaffolding, they would have to make holes and plant concrete into them to let them stand firm most probably. However, as the concrete mixer passed by onto another place I decided to forget it. I am getting a building complex.

I am becoming noise sensitive. I heard workers in the distance shouting and again wondered would they be our workers? I saw no-one so continued on my jogging route on the iPad. My three alarms then decided to tell me it was official waking and rising time.  I have bird song programmed on two iPads and my iPhone so there is no risk that I would oversleep. I can hear you: a golden oldie that needs an alarm – stupid. For me not stupid, I can keep in touch with the real world and still know what the time of day is, and which day it is. My work being completed on the iPad I moved to the kitchen. There was no sign of a concrete mixer, so it was a false alarm. The street noise was now replaced with cawing crows and I prefer the sounds of nature.


In the meanwhile I was sitting at the table in the kitchen, devouring my breakfast of 3 slices of bread and jam and drinking a cup of tea when I noticed movement outside. The local cat, Roschti, had appeared on the porch outside and was enjoying the benefits of the bowl of fresh water I always have outside for our Tabby cat and any birds that happen to be flying past. Roschti and my cat Tabby get on like a cat on fire, and make efforts to have a fight and kille each other whenever they meet. They could be such good friends, but “friend” does not seem to exist in meow. Tabby is now sleeping on top of the cupboard, so what she does not see will not bother her.

Today is a day of shopping. They are letting me out and I can savour freedom once again. There will be a supermarket to visit and things to buy to feed ourselves through the next days until Friday.

Enjoy the day, and remember it can only get better, my motto at the moment.

Back Garden

3 thoughts on “Good Morning

    • Some time long ago there was a meeting to decide which contract should be accepted and this one got the majority vote. There’s a lot more to it,. So we stopped going to meetings with others that were looked upon as oldies that were somewhat ridiculed. Eventually we got the official document, but the exact details about when and how we’re very sketchy. We were told to clear all outside open surfaces this week and nothing has happened. So now it has also become a Swiss thing 🙂


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