Good Morning

Wild Pear

The view from the kitchen window this morning and our wild pear is now in full bloom. That is about the only highlight of the day. Things are a bit miserable in the Angloswiss villa at the moment. Mr. Swiss is not so good and I now fell miserable with a sore throat, sneezing and a developing cold. Yesterday I also had a digestive problem, which is today better, thank goodness and we have the Damocles sword hanging over our heads of the buildiers moving in and taking over our outside life. Things can really only get better. Yesterday we had the news that we must now replace our large sun blind outside. Our present colours would not match to our new colourful building (a faint touch of green – and how I hate green) and the nice thing about it is the price is not included in the renovation work. We can pay for that one ourselves, although it seems we have a special price.

At the moment there is a weak sprinkling of rain which does not bother me so much, we ned some rain. I think it is at least a month since the last shower.

I have decided I will not be going places today. I have a bathroom cleaning session this morning and would be ready for a walk this afternoon, but my legs object at the moment. They are tired and not moving as they should.

I got my annual letter from the British government this week. It is a form to fill out, a so-called Life Certificate as they need my confirmation that I am still alive. It is because I live outside the United Kingdom and receive a UK State Pension, which is not exactly a fortune, as I only worked for 2 years in England. I have to have an independent witness to my signature – blah, blah, blah . I did it once before. I have to do something similar for my work pension in Switzerland, as a proof that I am still alive. At the moment everything is happening at once.

And so I will now go, do not feel up to a long report on my present condition. See you around.




10 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Reading this does not make me happy at all. So sorry for all the uproar over this–and now making you buy new blinds to blend in with their décor? I hope it turns out to be less painful than it sounds. But they had better get their act in gear and show up to do the work so they can be done quickly!

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    • It was said in takes four months, then six months and now seven months. We have now resigned to the fact that we will spend the summer behind scaffolding.


  2. Last year, I got a telephone call from a reporter at the Boston Globe. She wanted to know if Garry was alive … and IF he was alive, was he … coherent? She had a few questions to ask. Garry is STILL laughing.

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    • I get this free the Brits as well as the Swiss, because it all has to do with paying our money, For the Brits I have to get it cross signed by a witness to my signature, someone with a title and send an official document with it and all for a few pounds monthly.


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