Good Morning

Cows 02.04 (2)

On a walk yesterday I noticed the cows are now out and about. It is the first day this year and they were enjoying the grass and freedom from being kept in the stall all Winter. The church on the left is our village church which completed the romance of the situation. Everything was perfect, but I noticed there was a slight nip in the air, not cold but not warm either. The result is that yesterday evening I felt the beginnings of a sore throat and woke up with a cough. It can only get better I hope.

Me in our Hotel Room.jpgToday is the day when the gardeners arrive to remove our hedges, but up to now we have our usual peaceful morning. No-one really knows exactly when they arrive. I am now wearing my Moroccan kaftan over my nightdress as I do not need workmen watching me write my blog at the kitchen table dressed in a nightgown. It was a good buy on our weeks holiday in Marrakesh which was in 1990, but I still have the kaftan. I find it quite good as a quick cover up. I even found a photo of me wearing it in the hotel room in Marrakesch. The nice thing with kaftans is they are large sized, and you can always wear them heedless of adding weight to the shape and form of the body.

Today is shopping day, but I may go on my own as Mr.Swiss is also not so well at the moment. We had to clear our porch yesterday and remove the chairs as well as the table. Now I have a completely disorientated Tabby Cat that is looking for a place to sit and sleep outside. We eventually replaced the chairs and will also put the table outside again and now Tabby is happy.

Life goes on, although not as I would like it to be.

Bleeding Heart 02.04 (1)

I noticed my bleeding heart plant was flowering yesterday. Everything is so punctual this year. I remember my neighbour had one of these and suddenly some years ago a small plant began to grow in my garden. I never bought one or planted one. Probably a seed found its way in my garden. I replanted it and now it is one of the first to appear in the year. At first it was very small with a few flowers, and now it is fully grown and I also have a second plant, also from one of my seeds. It is still developing for this year and I am hoping it will survive the building siege to complete the flowering process.

And now to move on to a normal Monday morning, although normal is probably not the case at the moment. I will probably be doing the shopping tour on my own, as Mr. Swiss is still not so well. Monday is usually not such a big operation.

Have a good beginning to the week everyone, see you on the flip side – I will survive.

15 thoughts on “Good Morning

      • Bear has a very tight clock inside her for everything from breakfast to my cleaning up her yard. Neither Dusty nor Mindy is so wound up, but they’re older and have lived more various lives. Bear has only ever lived with me in this house with our routine, no driving to school at 5:30 am or coming home at 8 or moving to another state or anything. Dusty and Mindy know things will work out, but Bear (who is concerned about getting things right) isn’t so sure. ❤


    • Mr. Swiss thanks you. Yes I also saw this on the same blog. It is an annual occurance in Switzerland and Basel has the biggest celebration in Switzerland. It is a philosophy to take part, and no really my sort of thing. People that do it usually belong to certain groups to be able to take part.

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  1. Aha! I see! The costumes do look rather awkward and I don’t see how they play a musical instrument and march in time to the music without those big heads falling off. Thanks!! One day I hope to see them in person.

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    • This whole renovation thing is very strange to say the least. The three parties that voted against (including us) live in their own bought appartments. Everyone else rents or is away for the next half year – strange really.. Mr. Swiss has shingles which usually takes 3 weeks to get over.

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      • That’s unfair. Both the shingles and the vote. I think people who have invested their money in the place and LIVE there all the time should have the last word. I had to take a vote with myself about having my garage repaired. We disputed a long time and while I see the necessity, I’d rather not do it, but then I told myself that it leaks and when the work is done, I’ll have a good garage. So you see when it’s just a sole property owner there are these disputes… I’d rather use the money to travel…


  2. Nice day today, but rain and chilly tomorrow. We’re getting to spring. I notice we have things sprouting in the garden. Quite a lot.

    Everyone gets sick this time of year. Around here, it’s a tradition. A lot of people think it’s the rapid changing of weather, but I think it’s because we are out and about and we bump into people who are sick. So, we get sick. And then we get other people sick.

    I haven’t checked, but I bet our cows are out, too, though I doubt they are down in the meadow. No grass yet. Feel better very soon. Very soon!

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    • We are having a great spring, Everything is flowering.
      We are both not so well at the moment . Mr. Swiss with shingles and I have caught a cold. I am also having problems with walking and am feeling really down. Yesterday I also had digestive problems, but this morning it has cleared up. Today the builders might arrive, no-one seems to know.


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