Daily Prompt: A Pause in Time is the story of my life.

Cemetry 02.04 (12)

How is that for a  bench, found at the local cemetery? It seems to be gathering some moss and perhaps needs a wash, but I sat on it all the same for a pause in the cemetery tourism.

Pause has become the story of my life. I manage a walk, with a cane, but half an hour is the limit so my walks take place in strategic places where benches can be found. In the meanwhile I know the position of every bench in my village. This afternoon I decided to take a walk with a pause in mind, taking photos of the benches on the way. The cemetery is made for people like me that like to sit now and again, and enjoy the view with a camera. It is full of benches.

Cemetry 02.04 (14)

Now just look at this, three benches all together and another one in the distance, a real bench festival.  It was Sunday afternoon and I really expected a crowd at the cemetery, but I was on my own. There were a few people taking walks, but no-one really visiting those that are no longer there. I was glad otherwise there might have been a queue waiting to make a pause on a bench. The benches are not always so comfortable.

Cemetry 02.04 (2)

This one is not my sort of bench. There is no support for the back. Just imagine you are feeling tired, take a pause on the bench and lean back. There you have the catastrophe, your fall backwards off the bench. They probably ran out of money at the cemetery when this bench was organised. On the other hand, perhaps they did not want to spoil the view of the flowerbed in the background. The stones you can see are those used for cremations. A jar of ashes does not take up so much room and does not need a complete king sized grave.

Cemetry 02.04 (1)

These would win the bench competition for me. You can relax, even lay horizontally for a sleep if you are tired, and have a flowerbed to admire into the bargain. Here again you can see stones fitted into the lawn for those that had the cremations.

I depend on these benches for a rest on my walks. Just 5-10 minutes and I am recovered enough to carry on futher. The cemetery is not far from where I live but I have to walk back home at the side of the main road. Even there I can take a pause. The local railway runs at the side of the road and there is a sheltered station near the exit to the cemetery complete with seating. Today I was a little out of luck, as there were people waiting for the next train, but I managed to squeeze myself onto the remaining free place on the bench. I arrived home with a camera full of photos and a little worn out. However, sitting at the computer is also very relaxing to write my blog.

And here is a view from a bench I was sitting on before returning home.

Cemetry 02.04 (4)

Daily Prompt: A Pause in Time is the story of my life

6 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: A Pause in Time is the story of my life.

    • We have the so-called “stressless” chairs at home. I don’t know if you have them, but they are Norwegian and really super. You can lay in them or sit or just adjust to a relaxed position. I just have to have an opportunity to sit if I go for a walk somewhere as I cannot manage too long on my legs. On the other hand it does me good to keep in action and not give up.


  1. I have a total and compulsory bench affinity – you could even call it a ‘bench crush’…. We bought in England a typical English bench from teakwood (made not in UK of course but in the style we loved so much) which we paid a fortune for in the first place and had transported back to Switzerland and then on to France – we could probably have bought a golden dining set with bench and armchairs for all the money spent on this darling bench. We still love it and use it every summer. It stands there in all its heavy-duty beauty, gets ‘greyer and greyer’ every year and stays just glorious forever.
    I also love the metall benches, the heavy ones, of which the Paris region has plenty of…. And I LOVE visiting cemeteries, they are beautiful, have plenty of trees, benches, it’s peaceful – love it. I used to joke that it would have been heaven when my baby was small to go there to read there quietly but it wasn’t possible because my dog would have had many a field-day…..

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    • I am a cemetery tourist and have visited all in Paris and the biggest and best in Vienna, but that was in my more fitter days. I never had interest in benches until I had problems and now they are a great help when I take a walk for a rest in between.


  2. There are pretty benches of local stone where I usually walk my dogs and at the end of our walk, they like me to sit down and they want to be hugged and petted and loved on. It’s really sweet. In the old days that would be a mountain top moment, but as I’m no longer in the mountain top stage of life, these pretty benches do fine. ❤

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    • As long as there is somewhere to sit I am happy. Usually I always find something. I got very annoyed once. I walked the river bank and there is a bench before climbing the stairs to the top. Fo me important because I need the rest before climbing. There was a guy laying full length on it sleeping, so I had to continue and drag myself to the top. I was so annoyed.

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