Good Morning

River Aar 31.03.2017

I took a walk along the River Aar yesterday afternoon. The weather was warm and pleasant and there were not many joggers, cyclists or other interruptions. I have noticed that Friday afternoons are good for a quiet meander. It is a working day for some and the housewives are busy shopping and doing what they do on Friday afternoons. It was just me and the dog owners, and that was fun.

There was one guy with his dog that had taken him for a swim. He threw a tennis ball into the river, and doggy jumped after it. After he had retrieved it, he kept the ball in his mouth until it was thrown again. This was fun for a few photos. I especially liked this one.

Dog River Aar 31.03 (1)

It looks like with its last remains of energy it manage to climb back onto the river bank. Afterwards it had a good shake, spraying everything with the residue of water in its fur, and came back for more.

I walked on further and met yet another dog owner. This time it was a big black and white dog. I got into conversation with the guy with the dog. He saw I was taking photos and said it was a great day for a walk, but the farmer was now spoiling it with the smell of the fertiliser spreading. To the right of the river bank, the local farmer was busy spraying the fields. I told him it did not bother me so much, as I grew up in the smell of London traffic and agricultural smells belong to the country. Of course that was an opportunity to have a discussion about London. As most Swiss, he also did his London year as a student, as did Mr. Swiss. He was astonished that I found my own way to Switzerland and not because of Mr. Swiss. Mr. Swiss arrived on the scene as a supplement when I was already living and working in Switzerland.

I decided that a photo of the farmer muck spreading was also something interesting. The farmer even stopped the tractor as I was taking photos, and I was sure it was for me to take a few perfect images – who knows.

Tractor spreading fertiliser 31.03 (4)

After all this walking and talking and taking photos I took a seat on the river bank to recover from the exertions of my walk.

Later in the evening we had a pleasant suprise. No. 2 son called to ask how dad was (he is suffering from shingles at the moment, which is not very pleasant) and to inform us that at last my son had his sort of big break (at least it was for us being the parents). He works for a ministry of the Swiss government in the media section, and our bilingual TV station were bringing a small entry about how our news bulletins are prepared with the subtitles for the TV as Switzerland has two main languages: french and german.

They needed an interview for their article and my son was available to do it. OK, it was only a few minutes, but it came twice, once in French and afterwards in German (Swiss German). Mr. Swiss found the TV station and recorded it naturally in both versions. Son No. 2 speaks perfect French (although he said a couple of small mistakes slipped in – which I did not notice) and of course the Swiss German version was fine. It was lovely to see my No. 2 son on the TV, perhaps a star is born, who knows 🙂 They showed him walking out of his building where he works, and then he stopped to give the interview. I was so proud of him. He has given a few interviews for various special political news reports, and was once invited to the studio with others as the audience in a political debate, but never as the “star”.

Today we are taking it easy. We made sure there would be no extras to buy in the supermarket today, and we are staying at home. The weather looks good and the flowers and trees are now preparing for the big show, so I will probably be on a camera walk in the garden, before the builders arrive on Monday and destroy the Summer for us.

I will be back later. In the meanwhile the appartment will be cleaned, I will be showered and lunch will have been prepared and eaten. What a stress! Yes, being a golden oldie is a full time job. One of the reasons why I take an after lunch sleep, to recover from the exertions of the housework.

Enjoy your Saturday wherever you are and do not forget, there is always a Sunday to follow up.

17 thoughts on “Good Morning

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  2. Got up early, today, too – despite some thoughtless neighbours celebrating loudly till midnight (or even longer – but I used ear-plugs and could go to sleep that way). They managed to “entertain” the whole street …
    But I have a parcel arriving later and so I thought it best to make sure I was up and ready to receive “a visitor” … and not still unkempt.

    I hope the renovation of your estate will not be too much of a nuisance. If you can’t stand it anymore, just remember: You are lucky, you HAVE a home that can be renovated.

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    • Problem being I don’t feel so lucky about the situation. If I can keep to my normal routine I am OK. Mr. Swiss now has an attack of Gürtelrose which is very unpleasant and painful which does not help matters. We do not have so much noise here, perhaps from the kids although that is not a problem for me.

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  3. I loved reading your blog this morning. Mr brother had shingles and told me it was like a thousand knives pounding in his head. I think I had a vaccine for it sometime in the past, but now I cannot remember. I hope it does not last too long for Mr. Swiss.

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    • It usually takes a week for the whole process and is very painful. It is known as herpes zosta and is a sort of legacy from chicken pox, which my husband, and I both had as children. I know a few people that have had it.


  4. A good morning, I would say. Good pictures, good conversations, something positive for one of the sons. All around, good.

    I got a vaccine for shingles. They are considered a big problem for the elderly and I wanted to skip it.

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    • It seems old people get shingles – something to do with the chicken pox virus. It wasn’t a possibility that we ever entertained and I didn’t know there was a vaccine.
      Son No 2 leads an interesting life and travels to various places for conferences. The next one will be in Edinburgh.


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