Daily Prompt: Sunset on the daily prompt

Evening sky over Feldbrunnen

It makes a change to show an evening sky on my prompt, as I am usually on the computer at breakfast with the morning sunrise. As you can see it is a dull evening, might even rain later. I realised today what a person of habit I have become. A daily prompt that arrives five hours later. I was worried. Had someone decided to ban blogging in a certain country, was this a new dream that a certain leader of a nation had, or was it just an April Fool’s day joke? I know there are certain countries where blogging is not looked upon as something favourable. It could cause a political upheaval and it has been known that people have been thrown into prison for blogging. It seems I live a daily risky life. Perhaps we are lucky in Switzerland. We can blog in four different languages and if you are lucky, the others will not understand it.

I always have a memory of my mum on 1st April. It was 1st April, 1957 when  a BBC programme showed the spaghetti harvest on the trees in southern Switzerland which I also watched. At that time spaghetti arrived in tins in England, together with the tomato sauce, and so of course mum was watching intently, her remark being “look at that, I never realised that spaghetti grew on trees” which was not unusual for a normal working class mum in England. She was convinced at that moment that it was harvested and afterwards canned. In 1957 no brit cooked their own spaghetti. Pasta was an unknown foodstuff amongst those of british origin. There were a few Italian immigrants who were probably astonished at the spaghetti tree, because they knew it was not possible. There is even still a link in Wikipedia Spaghetti Tree Hoax

That this was an April Fool joke no-one realised and it was quite a subject of conversation about the spaghetti trees. Of course today with the EU and countries growing closer, it would not be possible to bring such a joke.

I almost got caught today when I told Mr. Swiss that Trump was thinking of resigning. I mean it was not so impossible. Apparently he was tired of the job and found others could do it better. I believed all this rubbish until Mr. Swiss reminded me it was 1st April. It was only later in the day that I saw the reports that this was one big 1st April joke – what a shame.

And now it is time to go. Writing prompts at the beginning of the evening is really not my thing. It is time to think about switching off the computer and doing something more worthwhile like reading a book, or eating the apple tart that Mr. Swiss made today.


Daily Prompt: Sunset on the daily prompt

13 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Sunset on the daily prompt

    • I have never forgotten that spaghetti tree hox I was then 11 years old and am now 70 years old. Trump is not my president, but there are a lot of statemen that are not my president. It still does not mean that I would be sorry to see them go.


  1. What a wonderful world it would be if spaghetti grew on trees and Trump resigned. Gee, with all the genetically modified products being engineered and the Russian collusion scandal, maybe both are possible! You wrote a fun post to read…thank you.

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  2. You were by no means entirely wrong. With Flynn ready to sing to the cops in exchange for immunity, his nibs has resignation on the table. Because the only way Flynn gets immunity is if he gives up a bigger fish … and that would be … Trumpf. Credible sources report this. No one is claiming it’ll happen next week, but things are moving at quite a clip around here, so maybe not as long as we feared. What a freaking weird world this is.

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  4. When I first ‘encountered’ the spaghetti hoax I couldn’t believe that people could believe that…. I still laugh now when I think of it; if I’m not mistaken, I saw it a few years ago on a YT video taken from the TV series ‘the best ever 1st April Fools’ jokes 🙂 It’s a great one!!!!
    And SADLY the backing off by a certain orange man we won’t even grace with a name IS a ‘poisson d’avril’ – so sad!

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