Good Morning

Temporary back garden

We had to have a change on our back porch. From Monday there will be no back porch, because of the building work. We have been ordered to clear the “sitting places “front and back”. Yesterday two men arrived and shifted our large table into our hobby room in the cellar which has enough room, so we replaced it temporarily for a few days with our smaller table from the other garden. We also had to clear the stuff away from the other side, but that is no big problem as we do not use it so much. There are now just a few bits and pieces to move.

I noticed that my tulips are now beginning to flower, along with the other spring flowers. My bleeding heart plant is full of buds. It would be so wonderful when we would not have to live with the uncertainty of what might be broken when the hedges are removed and the scaffolding erected.

Mrs. Swiss is not well at the moment, so is really not fit for such a stress and when he is out of action, is my action more, although he finds he can still go on safari to the supermarket, but I will be driving both ways. I could do it on my own, but would have to add a further hour until I would be finished as I am no longer able to move very quickly, and there would be the bags of groceries to move. Although No. 1 son would be around for any help needed. I was glad for him yesterday, and I managed to shift some heavy stuff with his help. We have a saying back to my english days, it never rains, but it pours and that is the feeling I have at the moment.

We have a so-called Shadbush in the meadow in front of our garden. It is one of those bushes that are not very spectacular, but grow here and there. Ours is now quite tall, which we are glad of, as it helps to keep a bit of a private sphere between our place and the next. It is a bit annoying in Autumn with its blue berries which are very good at leaving blue stains everywhere. I notice that it is now producing the first leaves of the year, so decided to take a photo. Sometimes you have things in front of you, but never notice the little details.

Grape Pear 30.03 (2)

I noticed there are even buds here and there, so there will be flowers. I am keeping my eye on it with the camera. Always glad for something new.

And now for the week-end shopping trip. I have made a detailed list as neither of us are in super shape at the moment to remember everything. I will be glad to be back home today and be able to take it easy.

Oh dear, this blog seems to be one big moan, but WordPress is cheaper than your own shrink. I just have to do the writing and photography.

Have a good day everyone, see you around some time later.

14 thoughts on “Good Morning

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  2. Poor girl and poor husband; I was just going to write: It will forcibly get better when I saw your reply to the previous writer…. So I won’t say it!
    I did, thanks to your moaning as you say, learn something. I have never heard the name of your tree and went to look it up:
    The latin name is Amelanchier and I have indeed no recollection of having known or seen this shadbush which is weird, coming from a background of great attention being given to all things nature…. I shall ask my son (landscape gardener) if he knew this interesting and good-for-the-birds-and-insects shrub/tree. Thank you for having widened my understanding on this.
    Wishing you the force to go through one day after the other, to both of you good (better) health, and enough light and joy to not dispair. All this will pass.
    Now I should do my shopping which takes place once per week, always by car and takes me short of ‘forever’ (due to my searching out the best deals/combinations/reflections on what seasonal offer I see plus reading all labels….) – I do hate it but I’m always happy when I unpack all the goodies from the different shops (we have a largish shopping center with several nice Migros/Coop/Globus etc equivalents, all together in one large place) and then look at my bulging fridge, forming a vague idea of what we shall eat for the coming week. A visit of the market is part of it and there I come back with bunches of flowers, although my garden is overflowing with the blooms!!!


  3. We know the tree as Felsenbirne and I had to search for the translation into English, but there are many different names in English. I also discovered that the Latin name was amelanchier. We have now completed the weekend shopping. Our weekly market in Solothurn is Saturday morning, but I rarely go.

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  4. This is so upsetting to see the photos and read about all the new blooms and to think those workers will not have a care in the world about being careful around the plants. Just curious–those who voted for this project–do they live upstairs so have no gardens to protect? I hope the stress of this project does not wear too much on you and Mr Swiss. And poor Tabby, of course.

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    • The discussion for or against is much more complicated. Seems more to be a difference between older experienced people and youngsters that find it super and probably move away in ten years – c’est la vie. We do not really know how it will turn out with the garden. Perhaps it will not be so bad as we imagine – wait and see. All we know definitely is that we cannot use our porch to sit outside in the summer and eat our meals there until Autumn – it will be a lost summer.


  5. I am so sorry to hear that Mr. Swiss is feeling under par. And we too have one of those bushes. We call it “sweet Plum” in Oklahoma. I called it a sugarplum in Virginia. The nursery workers here had no idea what I wanted when I asked for a sugarplum. One asked “isn’t that a fairy?” I truly wonder about the education our young people are receiving…

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    • I found so many different names for this bush in english, I did not know which one to choose. I am not sure whether the fruits are edible and know no-one that would eat them.


  6. I hate construction, even when it is necessary, so in this case, where it doesn’t seem particularly necessary, it is very stressful. Please give appropriate encouragement to Mr. Swiss. Our men do not like being sick.

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    • The construction is necessary but not to the extent of 6-7 months. The noise will not be pleasant and we have no chance to use our porch. Mr. Swiss is bearing up, although he is not happy.


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