Good Morning


Even sunrise over an estate can have its qualities and you can depend that the sun will rise, although not always with a splendid glow. I rose this morning, but not so splendidly and would have preferred to remain hugging the bed.

So what will we do today? Nothing special : a 20 minute job on window cleaning and the usual tour de Dyson in the appartment. The afternoon will be at my leisure, although I have a few things to organise moving stuff around in the garden.

Yesterday I finished my current book and I found it a good book. I was at a loss of what to read, but discovered a best selling Amazon author, although I did not really know what that was. I suppose it was someone that only writes books for Amazon, which would be the logical conclusion. As I find supernatural and sci fi usually does it for me, this might be my sort of thing. The author is RR Haywood and is apparently well known in the realms of Zombie book readers. I discovered this after downloading the book on my Kindle, otherwise I would not have bothered. However, this book was not actually zombie, just a couple of heroes saved from dying in their last heroic moments to save the world. Of course there was a lot more to it, and when I had finished the 400 pages on my Kindle I was a fan. The book is “Extracted” and part  one of a trilogy and I am hooked to find out what will happen in part 2 and 3. The basis is a time machine. The world at the end of the 21st century is lifless, the end of the world, and the theme is to find out when it happened and why and perhaps alter the destiny – through the time machine of course.

Ok, I know it needs an imagination and it is not reality, but I like to escape from the every day reality now and again. Now I am on the search for my next book as although I have part 2 and 3 to read of the last book, I do not like reading the same thing continuously, but prefer to keep something on the sidelines. I am not sure what my next book will be, but I may take a break and do a few online jigsaw puzzles to keep my brain active.

As I have google chrome as a browser I automatically sign into my google page when I fire up the computer in the morning. Google tells me that have developed a new “sign-in* formation. Of course it will be better than the present entrance page they assure me, much quicker and more efficient. At least they have told me about it, and not just “plonk hello, we are new, get used to it” which is the genral idea of our favourite web sites. I know it is coming. I am not an active Google member, my blogs just get cross posted into google. I try to keep my online life in limits, as I would otherwise have no time to lead a real life.

Make the most of my hedges to be seen in the final photo. Next Monday they will be removed until Autumn due to building work, although I am not quite sure why, but the rebuild commando will probably have a good reason. And now to move on to fight through the daily chores and come out successful at the end. Enjoy the day.


2 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Bet you’ll miss your hedges. I haven’t gotten anything from Google yet, so whatever they are doing, they will probably just plunk on me like usual. I’m almost back to normal again. Almost. I’m half on vacation, but working on a return to reality.

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    • The problem with hedges is you have to keep them tidy especially when you live on an estate and that is regular cutting work which we can no longer do.. I will probably lose my normality until Autumn due to our block renovations.


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