Good Morning

Back garden

Our home life at the moment is circled around what we have to do when the builders arrive next week. After re-reading the instruction papers that we all received I discovered that we have quite a few things to do, mainly shifting stuff to other places.

Yes we received instructions, or are they threats. I am slowly getting the feeling that I have been enlisted into some sort of building army, where I have to follow orders. Our porch must be cleared and we have two porches. It actually says the places where we sit. Two men will arrive tomorrow to move our overlarge heavy table into the cellar. We will shift the chairs ourselves. That leaves an oversized window box which we might, or might not, have to move. We await further instructions, no commands, when they arrive.


Now that is a heavey window box and I have everlasting sweet pea that climb during the summer and a climbing rose, although the rose has its roots in front of the neighbouring hedge. This might get complicated, as all hedges will be removed which does not bother me so much. The hedges were already there when we moved in and they are privet. Who likes privet? I do not, they are boring and good for nothing. I do not really need a hedge around my garden, but as said we are in the army and have to fall in with instructions, otherwise we might get detention. We have got detention, the command says that from April to November we will be under siege from the builders and there is no escape route to the outside. I am not sure if we have to show our identification to leave and enter.

I spent some time with my camera yesterday taking photos of the present condition of the home, not barracks as it has now become. If I am going to write building blog of the year, I should have some photos. All going well, and not being sentenced to exile by the building army in the meanwhile, I have planned to bore everyone with a separate almost daily building blog. It will be better on its own, as otherwise it will ruin my concept of blog for the next half a year. My next door neighbour has already lamented the fact that we will be incarcerrated for a complete half year, not being allowed out to sit or even eat our midday food outside. That is also what will be my problem. I think I will call my blog “The Lost Summer”.

Horse Chestnut and Hostas

I also have a growing chestnut tree in a pot on the porch on the other side of the appartment. This tree is my baby, grown from a chestnut that I planted. It has never flowered in the last ten years, but you never know. I will enlist the help of my strong son to shift the pot into the middle of the front garden, which is more suitable, as this porch must also be cleared it seems.

Yes it will be a fun summer, I cannot wait. I am still thinking about how to break the news to my cat. Tabby will be disappointed when she no longer has a comfortable place to sleep outside and she does not like noise. Mr. Swiss said yesterday there will be a lot of building noise, but being an ex-London person, that does not bother me so much – I grew up in noise.

And now to a normal day with a shopping trip to the supermarket and planning on meals to serve for the next two days. Today is a stay at home afternoon as I have a shower to clean and do not have the strength to go for walks daily.

Enjoy youselves, see you around

8 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. My heart is bleeding for you, and your pet and your garden….. It WILL be awful and your two patios look so lovely – When we had to do major ‘surgery’ with a new roof (and beams, and and and – not that we knew all the ‘and’s’ in advance mind you!), I too lost large bits of my garden including old roses, azaleas and more. It’s agonizing because you have put so much love into the creation of your little oasis. I think, with the experiences I had and what my sister went through, I can only recommend that you prepare LOTS OF OUTINGS with your husband and do things you’ll enjoy, like visiting other bits of Switzerland etc. Do you have anybody who would love to have you AND the cat or is the cat totally fixed on you? The pets suffer the most because they can’t rationally think and they don’t know why and how long their trial will be and WHY the blxxxxding heck it’s SO LOUD and noisy all the time…. The 4 cats of my sister didn’t take kindly to the disruption of their princes(s)’ life.
    Good luck Pat 🙂

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    • You can replace the plants, but not the years you have used in growing them. We have many places where we live that we can go. The river, the country and are near to Bern and Biel and West Switzerland, but it is not the same as relaxing at home with no stress. I don’t know how our cat will react. Since her sister left us she has become quite dependent on us.


  2. I do hope that you won’t lose your pretty climbing plants. I would hate this too and it is the reason that as long as I’m fit enough I’d never move to anyplace where the decisions are taken by a committee.

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  3. Oh my dear. The summer is supposed to be a time of peace, not a time of destruction of gardens. I feel for you, especially the incarceration inside is going to be awful. here is my wish.that the re-builders finish extremely quickly and make no messes of your lovely garden.

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    • This summer will not be very peaceful, combined with building noise. No sunny days, just a scaffolding in front of the windows. We have now decided to wait and see what actuallly will be happening. At least I will have some material for my camera and blogs, that is all that will be left.


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