Daily Prompt: This is my land, if it is OK with you

Police radar 14.12 (2)

There is always something or someone that wants to interfere with your territorial rights, it must be something to do with human nature. One morning we left our garage for town and this mysterious object was position just by the exit. It was a radar control. Our speed must not exceed 30 kph and the powers that be, traffic police, probably needed money and were controlling their territory for speed maniacs. Life is full of  territorial rights.

As soon as we enter the world, we are given a name: first establishment of territory. From that day onwards your name is the first thing entered into an official document. Every morning in school the teacher would call out the names of the class members, and we would answer “here” or something like that. Not just a ransom call out, no in alphabetical order and thus your life is forever deemed to a certain order. My last name began with an “R” meaning I had to be patient throughout my life, as “R” is in the last half of the alphabet. It could have been worse. My surname could have been “Zack” and then I would really have been doomed as the last in any list.

Being a female has an advantage, at least it did. In Switzerland if you marry today, you can choose to keep your own surname as a Mrs. or take your husband’s surname. This can be an advatage if you wish to be at the beginning of the list, especially if your husband is a Mr. Adam. When I got married the choice was not yet legal, so I automatically climbed the list by taking Mr. Swiss surname, which was in the first third of the alphabet. I can assure you this was not the reason why we got married.

So my territorial rights were established, but where does the territory begin and end. If you are born into royalty, or you are a millionaire, then all this has no real meaning. Your birthright or bank account solves many territorial problems. I am sure that the Queen of England or Donald Trump rarely found a speed measuring device as they left the palace or White House, they were exempt from such territorial markings.

I once had my purse stolen with many territorial markings, credit cards and official Swiss identity card. I soon realised that my territory had also been stolen. Who was I? I visited the local authorities and ordered a new identity card, its loss also being reported to the official police department. Cost approximately 70 Swiss Francs for a new card. And then the odyssey began at various banks to stop my card being used and ordering new cards. This all takes time, and money. Eventually it was done and I regained my territorial rights.

You have a computer? Of course, otherwise you would not be here, but you also have a password to get into the computer. It is your territory. May you never forget or lose the password as that can can lead to a territorial loss and a complete break down when wanting to enter certain places on the computer. Of course there are always people you can call at certain telephone numbers which is usually combined with a waiting game on the telephone. It seems you are not the only person that has forgotten the password. Today it is a contagious illness, the Lost Password Syndrome, many of us have it, it is highly contagious. The computer is more than your territory, it is your life, never forget that. For this reason I do not like anyone entering my cyber territory without my permission, it has become the second handbag, and who likes others prying into the secrets of your purse?

One day you will be no more: you think it is now all done with? Forget it. An official certificate must be issued to prove that you are no more. It no longer matters about the letter on the name, as the alphabet is no longer important. Of course your grave is marked with your name, but take a closer look at the local cemetery. All graves have a number, the territory must be officially registered with a number – who needs a name.

Daily Prompt: This is my land, if it is OK with you

5 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: This is my land, if it is OK with you

  1. There is so much awful stuff going around, I’m at a loss to even know where and how to look. Last year, the world was sort of normal. This year, it’s very much NOT normal, not anywhere. At least the sun finally came out and the sleet ended. That’s something.

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    • Yes, there are things that have happened in the world, that I would not have credited to happen. We can only hope that it will get better. In my 70 years I have never witnessed such things that are now happening. The cold war was a board game in comparison. Glad the sun is shining at your end. We have full Spring now, but there are some clouds on the horizon that do not have anything to do with the weather.


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