One Word Photo Challenge: Film

Camera in Bus

Yes I was recorded on film, although so was everyone else in the No. 175 London bus travelling around Dagenham which was my destination. London busses often have screens showing what the camera is recording. Can you see me? I am on the extreme left holding a camera taking a photo of what the screen was showing. One of those experiments that you never know whether you will be arrested afterwards or can get away with it.

I got away with it, although the quality of the photo is not exactly perfect.

One Word Photo Challenge: Film

11 thoughts on “One Word Photo Challenge: Film

  1. I love it. L enjoy the grand colors that are not spray painted graffiti done by gang members. The seats look comfortable, not slashed and ripped. I couldn’t even see the metal under the fabric. I did not see one blaring boom box nor people laying in the isle. Weird but everyone was fully clothed and did not have multiple piercings. I bet they even run on time in your mystical magic land? Ah to live in a country of respect for others, where the government works to keep things running instead of to divert the income of the people to private enterprise, and where most people are sociable. I have heard stories of such places but have attributed it to fever dreams from lack of healthcare and hunger. Again thank you for showing us a world with adults in it, not the degenerating crumpling place overseen by the monstrous tRump & Crew. Hugs

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    • Thankyou, I should pass your compliments to the London Transport. The busses are double decker, The ground floor is mainly occupied by the golden oldies and people with kids. On the top floor you find all the noisy school kids and the rough ones more, but the London busses are a main transport method and they are organized. Mainly on time but not always. In the rush hour there is often standing room only. I grew up with them, went to school on them and later to work. My dad was a wizard on them. He knew all the central London bus routes.

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      • I think it is grand. I loved the public transportation I used in Germany. It was like a magic compared to where I came from. If you want a shock look up Amtrak or public buses in the US. Shocking, we live this way. It also contributes to so many problems, from pollution to non drivers not being able to get out and go. Here not driving restricts your abilities greatly and your travel anywhere depends on friends and family. I am totally dependant on Ron to take me anywhere. Friends have offered but I would have to work on their schedules and as well meaning as they are, I can’t do that and they would soon get tired of doing it. So I thank them and decline. Hugs

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        • Although I can drive myself, I am no keen about it. I stopped driving for almost two years and when I became 70 I had to take a test at the doctors to keep my license. As I have MS my doctor said I must see my neurologist. Surprisingly he gave me his support and said as I drive an automatic I will not need my left foot where I have problems. Since I am driving again and it is OK. Mr. Swiss is a good driver, but also no longer enjoys driving long distances, so we both take the train for longer distances. We have a good train system in Switzerland, although not cheap. German trains are very good and well organized.

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          • I understand. Cars are needed in my country as most places are far from where we need to go and only the major cities have mass transit. I use to drive everywhere , from when Ron & I first got together in 1990, until in 2007 we were on a trip and around Atlanta there was a sharp snap sound from my back. I was suddenly in horrible pain. I quickly got the van to the side of the road. Ron took over. IF we had been able we would have gone back to Florida but we were on the way to honor a relative’s passing on. They had only days to live. SO we pushed on with me trying to relive the pain as best I could in different positions. Turned out it was one of my vertebrae breaking. Seems my spine was like the rest of my bones and had decayed, degenerated, and deformed. After that day I have not drove again. Riding in a vehicle can be painful and distressing for me. However as my home is not a palace and I am not an emperor, staying home is not an option. Hugs

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