Daily Prompt: My Own Elixir

Tractor 23.02 (1)

I live in the country and that is my elixir. Since February the farmers have been busy spreading their wonderful elixir over the fields to enrich the soil and our noses. You get used to it eventually, especially when evening approaches and the waft of the freshly spread muck creeps into your nose. It feels good to know that our farmers are muck spreading and look after the soil to make sure everything will be growing during the year. There is nothing more appealing that a truck full of the raw stuff.It is all recycling produce from the cows that eat the grass in the fields that have been fertilised with their own recycling products, the elixirs of life.

This afternoon I decided to take one of my famous walks with the camera to visit a few of my friends at the stables. My elixir is my camera to capture the signs of nature. First of all I passed this tree, which I believe to be a white magnolia.

Unknown Bush 28.03.2017 (2)

It was flowering in the garden of a small cottage I always walk past on the way to the stables. I walked further along the path and realised I was in the right place when I heard the geese making theirselves noticeable.

Ducks and Geese 28.03 (13)

There are two geese that live at the stables, so I a wondering, it being spring, whether they will perhaps become parents of gosling. Now that would be an elixir for my camera taking photos of the offspring. It seemed to be a lazy day today, as I noticed the ducks were also taking it easy. The owners of the stable have now built a shed next to the pond , so who knows, perhaps it is a nesting shed: a nice safe place for the eggs to be hatched.

Ducks and Geese 28.03 (4)

They have three ducks, so I do not know how that is going to work: two males and one female. At least Mrs. Duck will be well cared for by her men.

Horses 28.03 (2)

I walked further to see that one of the horses was posing for a photo. The colleague in the next pen also wanted to get into the picture. He or she seemed to be sniffing some horsey elixirs, but everyone seemd to be happy with the situation.

I decided to leave the animals to do their own thing and turned back on the path to take a walk to the top of the hill in front of the castle where there are three benches waiting for a rest. It is also a good opportunity for some camera shots over the Bernese plain. Today was sunny, but the atmospherics were not so clear, otherwise there would have been a few alps to be photographed.

Feldbrunnen village 28.03 (9)

The village you can see at the front in the photo is the North side of my village Feldbrunnen. We live across the main road on the south side. The road passing through the village would be the connection from Geneva to Zürich, although no-one would take this road for such a journey, as we have a motorway for such long distances.

I heard the village church striking 4.00 p.m. and decided it was time to return home. As I am a very slow walker I go on my walks on my own, my only companion being my camera and my cane. I did not meet many people on their way today, but everyone I met had a dog with them. We live in dog country. I noticed the cows are not yet on the pastures, but I am sure they soon will be. The weather is now quite pleasant, and  the time for my bemudas is approaching. I have been wearing t-shirt for a couple of weeks now and I no longer need a jacket.

After returning from my walk I felt awake and ready to go. I need the fresh air and the countryside, it is my elixir.

Daily Prompt: My Own Elixir

19 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: My Own Elixir

  1. What a wonderful walk with your words and your photos! I wish I were living so close to nature as you. But I’m a city woman. No horses, no cows, no farmers, but cars, asphalt, street lights, tall buildings that don’t let you see the horizon. I’m glad you have your elixir at hand. And I’m grateful that you share it with us with posts like this one.

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