Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Spring – Wood

Forsythia 21.03 (1)

One of the first trees to flower here is forsythia. I took this photo last week.

Magpie 28.03.2017

A photo from today. Even the magpie posed for me on the tree.

Magpie and nest 16.03 (2)

This tree is opposite my window where I blog. Some time over the past couple of months a collection of twigs has appeared in the branches and I noticed a magpie visiting now and again, who is probably responsible for the construction: it is probably a magpie nest, according to what I found in Internet. Now I am hoping that little magpies will be appearing some time in the future – more food for the camera 🙂

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Spring – Wood

One Word Photo Challenge: Film

Camera in Bus

Yes I was recorded on film, although so was everyone else in the No. 175 London bus travelling around Dagenham which was my destination. London busses often have screens showing what the camera is recording. Can you see me? I am on the extreme left holding a camera taking a photo of what the screen was showing. One of those experiments that you never know whether you will be arrested afterwards or can get away with it.

I got away with it, although the quality of the photo is not exactly perfect.

One Word Photo Challenge: Film

Daily Prompt: My Own Elixir

Tractor 23.02 (1)

I live in the country and that is my elixir. Since February the farmers have been busy spreading their wonderful elixir over the fields to enrich the soil and our noses. You get used to it eventually, especially when evening approaches and the waft of the freshly spread muck creeps into your nose. It feels good to know that our farmers are muck spreading and look after the soil to make sure everything will be growing during the year. There is nothing more appealing that a truck full of the raw stuff.It is all recycling produce from the cows that eat the grass in the fields that have been fertilised with their own recycling products, the elixirs of life.

This afternoon I decided to take one of my famous walks with the camera to visit a few of my friends at the stables. My elixir is my camera to capture the signs of nature. First of all I passed this tree, which I believe to be a white magnolia.

Unknown Bush 28.03.2017 (2)

It was flowering in the garden of a small cottage I always walk past on the way to the stables. I walked further along the path and realised I was in the right place when I heard the geese making theirselves noticeable.

Ducks and Geese 28.03 (13)

There are two geese that live at the stables, so I a wondering, it being spring, whether they will perhaps become parents of gosling. Now that would be an elixir for my camera taking photos of the offspring. It seemed to be a lazy day today, as I noticed the ducks were also taking it easy. The owners of the stable have now built a shed next to the pond , so who knows, perhaps it is a nesting shed: a nice safe place for the eggs to be hatched.

Ducks and Geese 28.03 (4)

They have three ducks, so I do not know how that is going to work: two males and one female. At least Mrs. Duck will be well cared for by her men.

Horses 28.03 (2)

I walked further to see that one of the horses was posing for a photo. The colleague in the next pen also wanted to get into the picture. He or she seemed to be sniffing some horsey elixirs, but everyone seemd to be happy with the situation.

I decided to leave the animals to do their own thing and turned back on the path to take a walk to the top of the hill in front of the castle where there are three benches waiting for a rest. It is also a good opportunity for some camera shots over the Bernese plain. Today was sunny, but the atmospherics were not so clear, otherwise there would have been a few alps to be photographed.

Feldbrunnen village 28.03 (9)

The village you can see at the front in the photo is the North side of my village Feldbrunnen. We live across the main road on the south side. The road passing through the village would be the connection from Geneva to Zürich, although no-one would take this road for such a journey, as we have a motorway for such long distances.

I heard the village church striking 4.00 p.m. and decided it was time to return home. As I am a very slow walker I go on my walks on my own, my only companion being my camera and my cane. I did not meet many people on their way today, but everyone I met had a dog with them. We live in dog country. I noticed the cows are not yet on the pastures, but I am sure they soon will be. The weather is now quite pleasant, and  the time for my bemudas is approaching. I have been wearing t-shirt for a couple of weeks now and I no longer need a jacket.

After returning from my walk I felt awake and ready to go. I need the fresh air and the countryside, it is my elixir.

Daily Prompt: My Own Elixir

Good Morning

Daffodils 27.03 (2)

Daffodils everywhere in the garden at the moment. Must be Spring. It also seems that Easter is just around the corner, although according to the supermarket it was beginning after our carnival season at the end of February. The shelves are full of chocolate bunnies and eggs.

When the kids were kids I remember colouring our own hen’s eggs and hiding self made “nests” in the appartment full of chocolate goodies that they would search for – and find – on Easter Sunday morning. The stress days of Easter are now gone, and everyone does their own thing, which for me is very little. I do not mind a chocolate bunny, or an easter egg full of chocolate, but my taste has got refined over the years. I prefer the “special” chocolates from the best shops  and bunnies have to be the black chocolate. I am a Chrstmas grinch and probably an easter grinch as well. The only contribution to Easter from me will probably be a walk to the local stables and making a few photos of their chickens.

I have at last caught up on my sleepless night and yesterday slept deep and long. My strength has now been replenished and I am ready for the bathroom cleaning ahead of me.

We are now preparing for the big makeover on the appartment house facade beginning next week. Our mowing machine had a short visit this year, as it is again the cellar. There is no point in mowing a lawn every day when we are not sure how it is going to work. At least our heavy unmovable table has been taken care of. The guy with the shop delivering our new curtains spontaneously said that is part of his service for us and two strong mem will arrive on Thursday to do the necessary.

We have floor heating in our place, driven by gas somewhere in the depths of the cellar. The newest crackpot idea is that the heating pipes should be flushed through, which is also not necessary according to an expert we know. These things belong to the old days and there is no reason for it to be done, but who are we to say no. We are just the golden oldies that pay for it. Yesterday there was noise in the early morning as a “specialist” had been requested to clean the paveing stones outside on our estate. Another way to spend money for nothing, because whe the workmen are finished in half a year, you can begin all over again.

Looks like a sunny day today, so another reason for a walk with the camera this afternoon, although I am getting short of new things to photograph. Perhaps I might visit the local cemetery again to see if anything new has happened. At this time of the year the gardeners are busy replenishing the grave decorations with new flowers.

And now to do something worthwhile, like a cleaning inspection of the apparment. I really seem to lead an uninteresting, boring life. Next week it will change. The invasion of the building site workers begins, there will be action with construction of a metal cocoon outside and I can take lots of new photos of strong building workers drinking their coca cola in the breaks. I am still wondering what Mr. Smarty Pants neighbour will do with his cat, as he is apparently going on a 6 week holiday.

Enjoy the day, have fun and remember, every cloud has a silver lining – you just have to find it.

Plane 16.03 (2)