Share Your World – March 27, 2017

Swans 26.03 (12)

Does your first or middle name have any significance (or were you named after another family member)?

No, not really. Mum wanted a Maureen, but her mother always found Patricia would be a nice name. After my arrival in this world, the person responsible for names in the hospital asked mum what I was to be called and what did she say “Patricia”. Maureen was cut off the list. Actually I am a Patricia Ann, commonly known as Pat.

Music or silence while working?

Basically silence around me, although Mr. Swiss might be listening to jazz in another room or dithering around in the kitchen preparing the evening meal, as at the moment. My iPhone signals now and again to tell me that someone, somewhere, is reading a blog. I could silence it, but see no reason to.

If you had a special place for your three most special possessions (not including photos, electronics, people or animals), what would they be?

All the items you listed are my special possessions and they all have their own special places, otherwise I would not find anything. The only thing left is my handbag/purse, and that is in the cupboard on my left. My life is completely electronic, I am a cyber golden oldie. I nearly forgot my two growing avocados. I reared them both from a pit. The first is now a year old and cannot wait to get outside again in the fresh air. The other is still a baby, growing since the beginning of the year, and now has a stalk about 4-5 cms high.

The Never List: What are things things you know you never will do?  

Ride a bike. I have tried often, but have no sense of balance, and now I realise why (MS).

Anything to do with physical exercise, my body refuses.

Visit London again – my travelling days are over and I am not sorry.

What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

I will answer that question next week. We have been busy sorting our life out for the next six months as the appartment block where we live will be completely refurbished with scaffolding, workmen and a lot of inconvenience. Next week the work begins and then I will know more, but I am definitely not looking forward to it.

Share Your World – March 27, 2017

15 thoughts on “Share Your World – March 27, 2017

    • For us two golden oldies it is a big disruption in our normal pleasant quiet little lives. We are just not used to excitements any more. At least they will hav a lunch break and go home in the evening. Week-ends will also be free for them, it will be just like a working life again for me and Mr. Swiss.

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    • That is the joke of the whole thing. There is nothing to be improved really. Just a slap of fresh paint on the facade, but not the rebirth of a complete appartment block, it is not necessary.


  1. I don’t think Suz and I are game for traveling much either. As long as we could get to it in our little car and on the back roads, we could do it. Traveling on a plane isn’t likely to happen. Have a great week.

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  2. Construction and remodeling can be such a pain to deal with, that’s for sure! I hope it all goes well there.
    I think it is great that you have been able to grow avocados from the pit. I have a bowl with pits waiting for me to get brave enough to try. I need to do a search to find out exactly what I am supposed to do to get them started and then I have to hope no one comes along and chops them down in the name of “helping” us with the yard work. Do you know how long it should take for your little plants to start producing?
    Have a blessed week!

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    • Just put them on water and wait. They should grow the first root within a month and afterwards the first shoot. In Switzerland producing fruit, probably never – the climate is not right.

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      • Thank you. I will give that a try and see what happens. I think that we are in or very near the correct growing zone for them. The ones in our stores generally come from either California or Mexico. It won’t hurt to try anyway.

        It is always nice to have another plant around, even if they never produce fruit. Have a blessed week. 🙂


  3. Oddly enough yesterday I was reading an article about growing avocados from the pits– and thought how fun it would be to try that. And today I discover you via Cee’s questions– and you’re doing just that. Clearly the Universe is sending me a message. 🙂

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    • I have done it on and off for the past 10 years, but they never lasted long. Now I am persevering and have one that is a year old. I thought it might suffer in Winter, as in Switzerland you cannot leave sensitive stuff outside, it would freeze, but no. It even made some new leaves during the Winter. Now the time is approaching when I can put it outside again. I repotted it a couple of weeks ago and it looks like it is ready to grow some more. In the meanwhile I have a second pit in a pot showing the first attempt at growing. I do not know why I do it, because avocado certainly do not belong in Switzerland, I have an apple tree in the garden that I grew from a pip, so perhaps everything is possible. 🙂

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        • I was amazed as well, especially as I got my first two apples last year from the tree, although they were not so good. I remember when I was working. I had a pot of earth with something growing in it on my desk and put a couple of apple pips in the pot from my morning break. They began to grow and grow and grow, so I took them home and planted them in the garden. I now have a fully grown Gala apple tree in the garden.


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