Daily Prompt: Starring Purple again

End of the match day - Riedholz

Currently I am taking part in a challenge to show 120 colours, a colour a day, which will run for 3 months. We have just completed the colour purple and have now progressed to fuschia, which seems to the the transition to something new. I am glad to have this purple nightmare as my repertoire on purple was slowly diminishing.  I have discoverd during the past week(s) that there are many shades of purple, I have been haunted by purple. I have now exhausted my stock of purple in photos. This memorable photo was taken at a local football tournament in the evening where I was acting as first aid assistant to the injured footballers. It was en evening tournament and I interrupted my nursing operations to take a photo of the sun going down.

I do not even like the colour purple. It remind me of a injured part of the body which will transmit to purple shades due to the blood collecting beneath the skin. Plums can be purple and I do not like plums.

I could give a lecture of purple being the colour of royalty from the days of the phoenicians where they extracted the dye from a sea snail and it the colour purple was then reserved for royalty. We often see it today in connection with kings and queens with the purple coloured velvet in various crown, but you can read all about that in Wikipedia.


Daily Prompt: Starring Purple again

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