Good Morning


It is not really a very good morning. First of all I lost an hour’s sleep somewhere in the middle of the night and this morning the weather is dull, dismal and very unfriendly. I can only hope it will get better on the way. Yesterday we had to alter our clocks and turn them back an hour meaning that my beauty sleep is not what it should have been. I slept well, but would have slept an hour more had it not been for this stupid daylight saving time, or whatever it is called. What difference does it really make if I get longer daylight in the evening? The Brits are always an hour behind us Summer and Winter, because they change their clocks differently. I should know, I used to be a Brit and it seems we did everything differently to the rest of Europe.

Mr. Swiss was quite astonished to find me already up and no longer hugging my bed. If you cannot beat them join them. Just because I have lost an hour, it does not reduce my housewife duties and breakfast was calling. The Brits are celebrating mother’s day today,  which makes them again different to everyone else, as the rest of Europe celebrate it the first Sunday in May. I do not celebrate it just one day in the year, I live with it all the time. Being a mother for one Sunday in a year is not my thing.  I remember at home when dad would be getting nervous and buzzing around me making sure I would be giving mum a box of chocolates or something for mother’s day because mum was not happy if she got nothing. Of course I remembered it, the shops were full of reminders. Today we have Facebook full of mummy stuff, so how can we forget.

Yesterday was a day at home, as I had not time for anything else, but today I may take a walk this afternoon as who knows, the sun might break through and it can only get warmer.

At least the hyacinths are flowering in the garden to add a splash of colour on this grey day. And now to move on and try to forget my lost hour’s sleep. At least my WordPress appointments will again arrive at the normal time and not an hour earlier, although it is no big deal, I just wrote them an hour later.

Enjoy your Sunday


12 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I woke up at my usual hour – just that it was an hour later on my clocks. No big deal, will just set my alarm clock at the usual time and should have this “mini-jetlag” covered within a week. It is not worse than flying over to England. People who go for a beach holiday to Turkey have a bigger time-difference, when they fly there in wintertime! Turkey stopped turning back to “wintertime” – which is just the usual time …

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    • I wake up once or twice in the night in any case.but sleep further. It’s when I see my watch I realize that an hour is missing. I had a genuine jet lag when I returned from New York and that was really unpleasant. I have now completed everything and even have happy time for an hour to do my own thing, although after dinner and a cup of tea I will be hugging the bed again for a couple of hours.

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  3. We changed our clocks two weeks ago. It’s a really stupid idea and they should get rid of it. It was designed to make it easier to work without lights in World War II and has nothing to do with reality now. I still have clocks waiting to be changed. Well, they also need a battery.

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    • I always know when the States changes the clocks because the WP site arrives at different times. Switzerland never changed them, but all the other European countries decided to do it and we were an island for a year with different times. The famers were not so happy because of the drying time for the grass on the fields and other reasons. Now we do it to be the same as everyone else. We have a few clocks that change automatically, but I leave the rest to Mr. Swiss, The most annoying clock is the one in the car.


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