Daily Prompt: Symbiosis with my camera

And we have another one of those wonderful words with deep meaning, prompting me to write in symbiosis with WordPress, but I am not so sure it will work. After the initial shock of actually seeing the word, I decided to flee with my camera along the river bank. Ducks were non-existent. I have a feeling they have now met their partner for the season and are busy in symbiosis with each other, laying eggs and all that sort of thing.

I walked along the river bank, camera with symbiotic zoom lens draped around my body, to see if there was anything worth a photo or 2 or perhaps 20. I saw two swans appearing in the distance. Swans tend to live in symbiosis with the same partner all their life, so no big deal. I took my first shot as the come to sight around the bed in the river.

Swans 26.03 (14)

And then something struck me when I saw this photo. We all seem to live in symbiosis with something. I have a river with two swans, trees on the river bank and a farm in the background. The swans swim on the water and find their food in the river. The trees are a resting place for the birds, produce seeds which are eaten by most animal, sometimes humans if the nuts are edible, and they probably do something for the fresh air (am not an expert). So there we have it, a symbiotical photo.

And then I found my favourite bench and now was the time for me to get into symbiosis with the camera. In the meanwhile the swans had caught up with me and were on the opposite bank of the river.

Swans 26.03 (11)

I then got the swan show, for my symbiotic camera and that was all.

I was still searching for my lost hour’s sleep so decided to return home. There were a few cyclists on their way along the path and joggers doing their fitness tour.

Daily Prompt: Symbiosis with my camera

4 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Symbiosis with my camera

  1. That last one is a wonderful swan shot! I love when they arch their heads up like that. Yes they do live in pairs. And if you have swans on your river, you don’t have geese because they seem to have a death struggle going on.

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    • Switzerland is not really a goose land as such. We have them, but not in large quatities and mainly as a gimmick on a few farms. We do not get the great flocks of geese flying around like other countries. They are more passing through. If I had stayed long enough I could have got the super shot of the year. I heard soimething like a motor and the two swans took a flight down the river and passed me on the way, but I was then walking home.


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