4 thoughts on “Colour Your World: Fuchsia

  1. In the states we have problems with gangs and with graffiti artist. Local communities have found if they work with the graffiti guys by giving them a place to do and display their strange “art” they will leave other places alone. They actually police themselves and clean places up. It has made a difference. Gangs on the other hand can not be worked with the same way it seems. Hugs

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    • Our graffiti people are mainly harmless, unless they begin to spray everywhere. They have been known to spray new buildings or places which should have been protected. The police make arrests if they find them. The lady opposite us engaged a graffiti guy to spray her garden cupboard door, and he did a great job.

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  2. Maybe I am old fashioned but I saw a class posted for girls to learn how to do graffiti. I get the idea of turning something ugly on its head, and making art from it. I get the idea of empowering girls to all the stuff boys do. But the bad stuff, too? Something about this particular class sounded contrived, even if I understand the motivation. Being over 70, I don’t see where things have changed that much for women from the 60’s. Yes, today women have jobs that would have been denied them, but they are so overly sexualized in a way that is exploitive and they do not know it. Gee, I feel bad, I have gone off on a tangent here.

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    • No problem, I reached 70 this year, I do not like the idea of choosing women over men just to keep up with equality. I find if you get a job it should not be according to which sex you are, but if you can do the job better. Otherwise I have no problem who does what. I am now a spectator in any case and let them all get on with it.


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