Colour Your World: Vivid Violet

Vivid Violet

What do you do when you do not have any vivid violet in your archives, your book shelf, your garden or in your clothes cupboard. Your manufacture vivid violet with the help of the cover to a book and a torch. Lay the book on the table, turn the torch on and let it shine. That is my story and I am sticking to it.

Colour Your World: Vivid Violet

Daily Prompt: It is all meaningless

River Aar 24.03 (17)

An empty bench on the top of a hill: meaningless to some but to me life rescuing after walking the steps to reach the top. Someone even decided to paint the bench with meaningless graffitti, but it is a place where I can sit, relax, and perhaps even take a few photos from the top.

As you get older a lot of stuff becomes meaningless. I still have a cupboard frull of clothes, mainly shirts and trousers, some comfortable sensible shoes and, of course, something for a special occasion. Actually I am covered in clothing for all emergencies and the wonder of it all is that I no longer have to be a dedicated follower of fashion: just the basics are enough. My figure no longer allows itself to be dressed in a skirt (waistline disappeared and sunk to the southern region)some time ago or a dress (only straght dresses with no form or figure can be worn). Yes, fashion is now a meaningless subject for me. As long as you do not stand out in the crowd, and have the appearance of “mutton dressed up as lamb” which was one of my mum’s favourite sayings, then why spend money on clothes, I have a cupboard full.

I no longer need a super meal in a restaurant, because it can be a big disappointment. If you order a hamburger in Macdonalds you know what you are getting. If you order an expensive steak in a restaurant with all the trimmings, it does not mean that expensive is the same as good. And after eating a meal in a reastaurant you cannot relax on your armchair and take it easy because you are amongst the public. Eat your own cooked meal at home and you know what you are eating, and afterwards you can relax in your own surroundings: put your feet up and perhaps have a short nap to relax, or follow it down with a cup of tea or coffee – no problem.

When I think of it, I need no luxuries to keep me happy, perhaps a new computer with the latest microsoft or apple software or a new iPad which I have. Yes the meaningful items in a golden oldie cyber life are the important things to keep you happy and busy.

“Have you seen, there is a new iPhone, model 7” said Mr. Swiss this afternoon and sent me the advertising email from his iPad. Actally there would have been no need, because I had received the same e-mail – yes, “i” and all its attachments know us.

I had a look as I had been thinking about updating my iPhone (which was a model 5) to a 6, which Mr. Swiss already has. I had been weighing the pros and cons, but wanted a new iPhone with a better camera and all the trimmings. The new model 7 has it all. When I take a walk with my non meaningless camera (another hobby) I have to decide whether to take the zoom lens or the normal lens. This will no longer be necessary with the new phone. Its camera is perfect for the close ups and can be taken everywhere with no problem and the photos upload direct into my photo programme online. This means that I can take the camera with the large lens and the phone, which I always have with me. It will be perfect.  Next week I have planned an excursion to the local mobile phone shop, where they have everything, to make my purchase. My old iPhone No. 5 has become meaningless, when I get a new iPhone No. 7 with all the photo trimmings. I forgot to mention, I can even make telephone calls with it.

Computer toys

Daily Prompt: It is all meaningless

Good Morning

River Aar 24.03 (16)

My “good” mornings will probably become “Bad” mornings from the week after next until October. Our appartment block(s) will have the front and back refurbished with paint and improvements on the facade, meaning we will be in a cocoon of metal scaffolding for half a year. We are on the ground floor and our porch will be rendered unfit for usage.

There have been many suggestions and meetings, but the samartypants won the decision and decided that the most expensive method must be the best. Many clapped their hands, generally the inexperienced younger member of the tribe, others do not own their appartment, as we do, so had nothing to say. The golden oldies with more building experience found it is really not necessary to do such a rigorous job. The majority decision wins the race, so all is left for us is to go (not at my age living in such wonderful surroundings) or pay our share. Last week I notice two guys walking around outside and entering my patch of garden, looking intensively at everything. Mrs. Angloswiss was in the kitchen writing her wise Good Morning words and saw them.

“Hello, what are you doing?”

“I am the project manager” said the guy in charge, his attachment said nothing.

“Good” said I, “then you can tell me how long our blinds will be missing” (another part of the luxury replacement plan which is not necessary because  it was decided we also need new blinds).

“Until October, it was all discussed yesterday at the meeting.”

“Meeting? they do not interest me.” which was probably the wrong answer, but I am passed caring. Mr. Swiss and I did not go to the meeting, because we found it lost time in the evening.

There were many things discussed at the meeting and yesterday we got the official letter from the company that looks after the official appartment affairs. Next week all furniture on the porch must be removed, our hedges on the east side will be removed (and replaced after the work is finished by a gardener). This means basically that during the summer months we will not  be able to use our porch for eating meals outside, for relaxing and reading a book or using the computer, because there will be no furniture or seats left to use.

Our reaction: wait and see how it really looks. The scadffolding will be placed at the edge of our garden up to the top of the building.  It means that our heavy table will have to be put into cellar storage. No problem, we have the room, only my golden oldie husband cannot shift such a table and neither can I. My son is capable, but not on his own, so we will have to organise help, and proably have to pay for it. Our blinds will be removed during the summer months and we have permanent sun on the West side, so we have now organised those panel stripes as curtains to be fitted. We never really had curtains, but it is not lost money as what we are having done is a very good solution and will remain afterwards.

We have a smalller plastic table and the general plastic outside balcony chairs still in the cellar which I can perhaps put on the porch when I see how the whole experiement develops. They are quickly organised and removed afterwards. Where there is a will there is a way, and no-one prevents me from sitting on my own porch for the next 5 months. Our motto now is “wait and see”. One guy that lives here is moving somewhere else for the next half year. He is on the resident’s committee for the whole show and mainly responsible for the miserable plight that we now find ourselves in, but he will be away, so does not have a problem. I am wondering what will happen to his 15 year old cat in the meanwhile, because I am sure he will not take it with him.  Others have balconies, so they are not so much affected as we are with our garden. We are basically two appartments that are mostly affected, two parties that were against the whole gold plated idea.

One advantage, I will be inundating you all with photos of the progress of the work, of scaffolding, of workers in overalls with their wheelbarrows or whatever they use. And of course I will keep you up to date with any discussions, arguments or fights they might break out in the meanwhile, perhaps an occasional murder.  Oh yes, Mrs. Swiss is annoyed, very much so, with the ignorance of some people.

And now to calm down and concentrate on the daily problems. This morning my server was on a slow speed on my iPad and I scarcely got into WorPress. As it was all apple, it was the safari server that was not doing its job. I hate such inconvenience, especially in the morning. It confuses my itinery completely. I have two iPads and they both decided to go slow. Suddenly all was back to normal and so I could finish what I urgently wanted to do. It should now be smooth running, after all it is Saturday and I do not have to go places and do things.

I must go, otherwise nothing will be done. Enjoy the day

Front Garden 23.03 (2)