Daily Prompt: Nothing out of the Ordinary

Japanese Cherry Tree 24.03.2017

Today is such an ordinary day, even the weather was ordinary – no sun, no rain, no snow, just ordinary: what a dull day. I decided as I had nothing better to do I would go for a walk to the local river and even that was ordinary. I took my camera with the zoom lens, perhaps there would be some extraordinary ducks or swans on the river waiting for a photo.

I aimed for my favourite bench on the river side, made myself comfortable and waited for the ducks and swans. They were not there, everything was empty. It was boring. The only variety was a man that was showing his dog how nice the water was, but the dog did not want to know anything. At first it looked like the man was intending to drown the dog, but no, it was just an ordinary doggy exercise.

River Aar 24.03 (13)

I decided there was nothing out of the ordinary happening. I need some excitement, something completely different. Perhaps movement would help and so I decided to climb the 69 steps (yes I counted them once) to the top of the river bank and sit on the bench at the top. On a non-ordinary day there is always something happening on the other side of the river, but there was nothing, nada, zero.

River Aar

Can you see the bench? Yes all on its own and you can see the path leading to the bench which I can climb quite well. I grip the banister on the left and use my cane in the right hand. I can even take the steps one at a time, without a pause in between. Yes, I could compete in the next para olympics and perhaps win a gold medal or two, nothing can stop me. A cane is nothing to a golden oldie, we can do it. I just have to be careful not to touch the second fence on the left behind the first fence because that is usually under electricity as now and again there are a few cows grazing in the meadow.

As you can see the path was empty, I had it all to myself. My camera was disapponted, no food for the lens. Even the sheep and cows have not yet been let out, they are still sleeping  and dreaming of the exciting days when they can go out.

After sitting on the bench, all on my own, I decided it was time to take the road home, although first of all I took a few pictures of the wild flowers growing at the top of the hill. I do not know what they are, but they were one of the first to flower this year.

Wild flowers 24.03 (3)

And that was the end of a very ordinary afternoon. Sometimes you need the ordinary days to remind you what fun the extraordinary days are.

Daily Prompt: Nothing out of the ordinary

7 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Nothing out of the Ordinary

    • It is amazing. I surprise myself each time I do it, but it works. Just one step after the other, perhaps two footsteps for the wider parts, but I can do it without stopping on the way. I just need to have something firm to hold on to.


    • For me, yes. There are also ordinary Swiss days when I mix some house cleaning with it, but usually with my programme, by Thursday I am finished until Monday when it all begins again. Just another ordinary Swiss day as you say.

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      • ❤ I so wish I were coming back this spring, but I have to get my garage repaired. I'm hoping for 2018 because I like those ordinary Swiss days very much. Take a walk, see some cows, wander along a stream, say "Gruezi" to someone (I'll always be in Zürich) and eat some good cheese and bread.


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