Colour Your World: Wisteria


I had a wisteria in my garden and it grew and grew and grew. It climbed over the wires and probably had an attack of claustraphobia as it began to climb upwards to the neighbour’s balcony above. She was thrilled and found it lovely, but I had to warn her and I cut it away. Wisteria have the habit of completely covering the walls of a house, no matter how high, and we live in a ground floor appartment.

One day we decided the wisteria must go, as it was threatening to take over the garden and sprouting in places where it should not sprout. The gardener arrived and removed everything. Three months later it was growing again in a different place. It was like the invasion of the wisteria body snatchers. I cut it down after a short fight and have never seen it since, but I am convinced it is still waiting somewhere in the depths.

Colour Your World: Wisteria

7 thoughts on “Colour Your World: Wisteria

  1. Wisteria grows everywhere in my yard–front, side and back. Luckily it is in the yard and not near the house. My husband grumbles enough about the ivy that grows up the brick……The wisteria is so pretty, though.

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  2. Wow, I did not know wisteria could get out of control like that. Where I live, it is too cold and foggy to grow. You never see it anywhere. I love your photo, though. (and your story of your fight with it)

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    • There are two kinds of wisteria, the chinese and the japanese, according to in which direction they curve. We had a Japanese wisteria which tends to go wild and climb everywhere.


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