Good Morning

Back Garden view morning

Yesterday was a day at home. We had really miserable weather, rain in between, but everything so grey in grey. My only excursion was in the morning for a shopping trip to the local supermarket to make sure we would not starve and the afternoon I had a job to do (shower cleaning) and otherwise I was free to do what I wanted to do.

I could at last spend a reading evening without having to watch anything on the TV. I only really watch my soap “East Enders”, although it is not exactly the be all and end all of spectacular events. It all takes place in the East End of London, where I grew up, and it seems that everyone is somehow related to the others, mainly by marriage. Lately they have  been bringing double episodes to compensate for the soap fall out on a couple of evenings due to some other less important programme, meaning that I was forced to endure TV in the evening. Anyhow, yesterday there was nothing worth watching. I was glad, as I seem to have something against the TV. I would rather get lost in a book than some sort of TV series where you see the same actors all the time playing other roles, at least on the German TV this is the case.

Yesterday was one of those days when bad things happen. I was in the middle of writing my daily blog, when I got a flash report on my phone that there had been an attack in London, so I checked in to see what had happened. Growing up in London and being a Londoner, the places where it all happened were well known to me. No-one is safe today: be it an organised terrorist attack, or a mad loner that thinks he has a purposes in his miserable life, people die. It is so easy today. Just sit in a car, put your foot on the gas pedal and drive into a crowd of people. Perhaps some groups of terrorists might jump on the band wagon afterwards and tell everyone it was theirs.

My son works for the swiss government. He spent three years as a diplomat in Brussels and Brussels is not exempt from such attacks. Strange coincidence was that yesterday the annual day of the terrorist attack in Brussels was being honoured in Belgium. Was this a coincidence, or a planned terrorist attack? There was always a Damocles sword hanging over my head with my son’s job. He now works in Switzerland, but it only needs a maniac to decide to attack a government office and he could be innocently doing his daily job where it happens. Now and again he travels abroad for conferences, and not exactly to the ideal countries. I grew up in the cold war time, the iron curtain, but terrorists were not part of the game, just politicians threatening each other with words.

Switzerland also had a problem, although not comparable. In the Luzern railway station a train derailed. No-one was killed, perhaps a few passengers jogged around a bit, that had to wait an hour until they could leave the train. The train also managed to break an electricity mast with the result that no trains were moving in Luzern. Luzern is quite an international place at the station, where the trains through Switzerland travel to Italy.  OK, no big deal, but the station was no longer working and this morning the latest news is that it is still not working and it might be fixed by this afternoon. In other words if you want to travel by train in Switzerland today, make sure of your route before going anywhere. Our station lays on the main connection Geneva to Romanshorn, so it does not go through Luzern.

And that is the daily news from Switzerland. I must now move on, close down the computer and think about the situation in my appartment.There are places to go and deeds to complete, with the vacuum cleaner. There will also be a window cleaning adventure involved, but you cannot just sit around and relax. You must keep fit – I suppose.

Enjoy the day, be back later – have planned an afternoon walk with the camera and hope the sun keeps shining. The weather looks good for today.

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8 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Dear Pat, may I ask you a question – and PLS don’t take it any other way than an enquiry. You wrote …No-one is safe today: be it an organised terrorist attack, or a mad loner that thinks he has a purposes in his miserable life, people die. It is so easy today. … and reading it I thought shouldn’t that be ‘a mad loner who thinks…’ – BUT I readily admit that all my linguistic knowledge is purely ‘mind over matter’ and although I speak several, I live on very bad terms with the grammar part, I just mostly seem to ‘know’ and can never explain.
    I leave this as a single post so that you can delete it at any moment but I would appreciate your reply. IF I should be right, it wasn’t the slightest critic because we all make mistakes, and far bigger ones than this 🙂 And if I’m wrong, I will have LEARNED something today. I shall comment on your post in the pm, must get in my kitchen illico presto now. Thanks in any case. K

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    • No problem and I just write and do not sit and think whether my grammar is OK or not, because it really no longer bothers me. I left England at the age of 20, and have been living since in Switzerland for the past 50 years. I married Mr. Swiss 48 years ago. He speaks very good english, but we are a Swiss family and speak Swiss German together. The only opportunity I have to use my english is when I write and even then I often have to look at the LEO online dictionary for the english expression. Someone once told me that when I speak english I have a continental accent, whatever that is. Please do not try to learn english from my writing. It is often the case that non-english speakers have more knowledge about the grammar than the natives.

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  2. I know you will worry about your son, all mothers do, but I hope you will not let it cause you problems. Sadly we can not do much to change these things, what will happen will happen. Have a great day, enjoy your walk. I look forward the descriptive post when you get it done. Hugs

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    • I do not worry constantly about my son, but he is perhaps more exposed to such an attack. It can happen to anyone, the innocent tourists and Londoners taking a walk to see the houses of parliament in London did not expect to be killed. My walk turned into a drive with Mr. Swiss to a larger village where we had to pick something up. I naturally had the camera with me, but it was mostly industrial estate stuff. I will be using the photos now and again, but not writing a report about it. Perhaps tomorrow at breakfast – watch this space 🙂

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  3. As I scrubbed my bathroom this morning, I thought of you. It was just one of those cleaning mornings. Garry is doing the laundry, I did the bathroom. And later, maybe shrimp for dinner, if it defrosts in time.

    I was just reading about London. I don’t understand the people who do this. What makes them think that slaughtering innocent people will ever get them anything they want? I’m quite sure it hardens the hearts of many who might have otherwise been sympathetic. I don’t understand at all.

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    • Who understands it at all. In the meanwhile it seems the terrorist was IS and they are a different sort of breed. They have no feelings, they have their own logic which is not logic. The danger is to judge everyone with their religion the same as they are. It was not unexpected in England, it has happened before.
      Today was window cleaning morning, but it went quite quickly. I also wanted shrimp spaghetti, but Mr. Swiss says they are too hard so we reached a compromise with tuna spaghetti, which was also quite good. This afternoon we had to buy some bits and pieces for Mowey. He had lost a screw and needs new sharp knives for cutting the lawn – another opportunity to take photos somewhere else, but mostly industrial area.


  4. You are describing my yesterday’s feelings exactly…. Here, more ‘bad’ stuff happened too (work, health, phone call) – it takes out a lot of my strength on some days.
    It’s ‘funny’; our iPad comes with us when we are both abroad and after the last 2 trips to Switzerland I have ‘news suggestions’ every time we do something on the iPad and have to sign in (again), we now have Swiss ‘news’ which sometimes is great and other times wearing…. I also know about your feelings re your son. Mothers are and stay always mothers, no matter how they turn out (or not), whatever they do or not, and the further away they are from us the more we have reason to worry. But know he IS alright; and we CAN’T do a thing about it, neither for the worrying nor the incapability to ‘help’ at this stage….
    I didn’t realise that the Luzern train station is quite an important link but of course it makes sense. In the greater picture it’s ‘just’ an very minor annoyance and your post above made me think back to one of my father’s when, many years back, he accompanied me to the bus stop (to take me to the train to Zurich airport from where I’d fly back to UK at that time) and – imagine that….!!!!! – the bus wasn’t arriving when HIS watch showed departure time (but was visible further down the road!). He said: It is already delayed by 30 SECONDS… lol

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    • The latest news on Luzern railway station is that it will be closed for at least a week, but it seems busses have now been organised. I remember when you could only get the bus to Zürich airport from the station. Thank goodness there is now a rail connection.
      My son is OK, just a mother thinking further about what could happen. He works during the week in the office for three days and otherwise from home via computer. He has a house near Schaffhausen. I have Swiss news on my iPad (SRF), 20 Minuten and BBC News so I am well covered.

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