Daily Prompt: Today everyone can be a doctor

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When you get to advanced years, you begin to disintegrate somehow and your body might, in the worst case, resemble the building in the photo. Things do not work as well as they used to. Mr. Swiss and I both know it, but we can share our symptoms. He has back ache, so do I, but his back ache is not the same as mine. I have problems getting out of bed in the morning, the first steps are the most difficult. When I arrive at the window to open it and let the morning air in, my feet and legs are still attached and seem to know what they should do. They just have to think about it when I am sitting on the edge of the bed before movement begins.

I very rarely, if at all, have a headache. Oh, I used to, but since I stopped smoking many years ago, the headaches also stopped. There must be a connection, at least it was not a symptom of something worst, otherwise it would not have disappeared.

When I had my fall at the beginning of last year, I visited my GP for a checkup. She sent me to the hospital and they discovered nothing was broken. This had been going on for longer. I was always injuring something somewhere, generally because I fell, mainly through being giddy.  I never had a thorough examination, as at the age of 40 you really do not need one. It was all a matter of balance, probably from the ears. This sort of thing can happen, no big deal, but my doc sent me to a neurologist who sent me to the special department at the hostpital because she found it had been going on too long. Symptoms? I did not think so, but the result came back as MS, so I must have had a few. You have to recognise your symptoms.

Anyhow I do not want to give a analysis of my health situation, but it was I who told the neurologist it is probably MS. I mean when you get bills arriving from four different town hospitals in Switzerland you know that something is going on. He confirmed it after the results of the tests.  How did I get the idea of what it could be? Hey, today we have internet. Everyone is there own doctor. Just put in a few short hints on the Internet and you get at least ten different web sites to choose from.

Your hip hurts – you can have sciatica, a hernia, with a few others in between until it gets to cancer, which seems to turn up everywhere in the list of symptoms. Eventually what began as a quick look becomes a major tragedy. Of course, you go to the doctor and they want to be on the safe side so send you for a further expensive examinations at the hospital. Perhaps the result is just a sprain and nothing more.  I remember the wise words of my neurologist, who I now seen from time to time. He said Mrs. Angloswiss, I will give you a tip. Do not search too much in Internet about your MS. Anyone can write anything and most of it is not to be relied on.

He did add the link for the official society in Switzerland, and I told him that the British also have a good society. He was interested and asked for the link: anything else is a no go, because there are too many variations on the theme.

If you have a symptom today, the first advice you get from anyone is have a look in Internet, who needs a doctor. There are, of course, the colleagues who tell you “I have that as well”. Eventually you realise that your symptom is not something private or individual, you are sharing it with everyone else, so it cannot be so bad after all.

I no longer have symptoms, just aches and pains, but as long as Mr. Swiss and I both have aches and pains we never run out of a conversation topic.

Daily Prompt: Today everyone can be a doctor

Good Morning

Back Garden view morning

Yesterday was a day at home. We had really miserable weather, rain in between, but everything so grey in grey. My only excursion was in the morning for a shopping trip to the local supermarket to make sure we would not starve and the afternoon I had a job to do (shower cleaning) and otherwise I was free to do what I wanted to do.

I could at last spend a reading evening without having to watch anything on the TV. I only really watch my soap “East Enders”, although it is not exactly the be all and end all of spectacular events. It all takes place in the East End of London, where I grew up, and it seems that everyone is somehow related to the others, mainly by marriage. Lately they have  been bringing double episodes to compensate for the soap fall out on a couple of evenings due to some other less important programme, meaning that I was forced to endure TV in the evening. Anyhow, yesterday there was nothing worth watching. I was glad, as I seem to have something against the TV. I would rather get lost in a book than some sort of TV series where you see the same actors all the time playing other roles, at least on the German TV this is the case.

Yesterday was one of those days when bad things happen. I was in the middle of writing my daily blog, when I got a flash report on my phone that there had been an attack in London, so I checked in to see what had happened. Growing up in London and being a Londoner, the places where it all happened were well known to me. No-one is safe today: be it an organised terrorist attack, or a mad loner that thinks he has a purposes in his miserable life, people die. It is so easy today. Just sit in a car, put your foot on the gas pedal and drive into a crowd of people. Perhaps some groups of terrorists might jump on the band wagon afterwards and tell everyone it was theirs.

My son works for the swiss government. He spent three years as a diplomat in Brussels and Brussels is not exempt from such attacks. Strange coincidence was that yesterday the annual day of the terrorist attack in Brussels was being honoured in Belgium. Was this a coincidence, or a planned terrorist attack? There was always a Damocles sword hanging over my head with my son’s job. He now works in Switzerland, but it only needs a maniac to decide to attack a government office and he could be innocently doing his daily job where it happens. Now and again he travels abroad for conferences, and not exactly to the ideal countries. I grew up in the cold war time, the iron curtain, but terrorists were not part of the game, just politicians threatening each other with words.

Switzerland also had a problem, although not comparable. In the Luzern railway station a train derailed. No-one was killed, perhaps a few passengers jogged around a bit, that had to wait an hour until they could leave the train. The train also managed to break an electricity mast with the result that no trains were moving in Luzern. Luzern is quite an international place at the station, where the trains through Switzerland travel to Italy.  OK, no big deal, but the station was no longer working and this morning the latest news is that it is still not working and it might be fixed by this afternoon. In other words if you want to travel by train in Switzerland today, make sure of your route before going anywhere. Our station lays on the main connection Geneva to Romanshorn, so it does not go through Luzern.

And that is the daily news from Switzerland. I must now move on, close down the computer and think about the situation in my appartment.There are places to go and deeds to complete, with the vacuum cleaner. There will also be a window cleaning adventure involved, but you cannot just sit around and relax. You must keep fit – I suppose.

Enjoy the day, be back later – have planned an afternoon walk with the camera and hope the sun keeps shining. The weather looks good for today.

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