Good Morning

Roadworks Feldbrunnen 21.03 (1)

Remember the film “Poltergeist”?. One of the remaining phrases that stuck with me was “They’re here” and so I was reminded of this yesterday when I decided to take a walk. We had building work on our road to make it better, nicer and fantastic, for half a year and it was finished at the end of last year. We could cross the road again, the chickens had been waiting impatiently. Mr. Swiss did tell me we have yet received another notification about roadwork to improve even more on what has been done. I was puzzled, I only want to cross the road, not more or less.

And so as I approached my important crossing, only at the end of a short path, they had returned, the red signs had re-appeared. There were men digging holes in the road. Of course, no problem, just an extra 5 minutes to get to the next crossing and walk back on the other side. It seems the road is now too wide and will be narrowed. I thought roads should be wide enough, but perhaps the pattern did not fit in the Swiss road pattern. It makes no difference to our driving situation, as we enter and leave the village further down the road, but my walking situation is again disturbed. I think they have too much money in the till and have to use it up. Almost forgot to draw your attention to the fact that work is being done in the usual efficient way: one man digging and two making sure he is digging correctly.

Waldegg 21.03 (1)

Undaunted, I continued on my way, across the road and turning left past the stables towards the cemetery. I also managed to get a shot of the castle from a slightly different angle. I had my normal lens on the camera, which served its purpose well as I managed to get the complete castle on the photo. In the background the first chain (there are seven) of the Jura mountains.

I also took a few shots of the horses as I walked past.

Horses 21.03 (2)

This one was standing behind his “real fence” which was under electricity. They all are. They had too many problems of people wanting to feed the horses, which is actually a risky job. Either the horses decided to taste human flesh instead of biting into the apple, or they were being fed the wrong things. The fence is now there to keep the humans out and not the horses in.

Horses 21.03 (7)

The pony was also there. He is available for children’s rides. Actually I could even have riding lessons at the stables, but I decided that belonging to the ministry of silly walks was enough for me, and horse riding would not be my thing.

It was a pleasant walk and I was proud to be able to reach the cemetery again which is a little further. There were more benches than visitors at the cemetery which suited me very well. I crossed the main road to get home, avoiding the roadworks.

Today is a day of shopping, Mr. Swiss said something about a shopping list, so I will let him get on with it. I have again lost my notifications on my telephone. I know where to go to re-organise it, just a small adaptation, but I cannot remember what I did the last time. I think it now might be working, but it is too early in the morning to discover if action is available as over the pond they are all sleeping. I have compared my iPhone setting with my iPad and everything should now be OK. Oh, the problems of a cyber golden oldie are endless. Mr. Swiss gave me some advice, but his advice is close it down and re-open it again, which is not exactly the solution I need. He is now busy with the Dyson so I will ot disturb him, as priorities must be set in life.

Enjoy the day, already the middle of the week. Time flies when you are having fun on the computer.

St. Katharinen Friedhof 21.03 (4)
Stream running through the cemetery

5 thoughts on “Good Morning

    • I have been inside the castle often. Now and again they will have an exhibition. The rooms are decorated and preserved as they were in the 18th century and the paintings on the walls are also there. A friend of mine works in the accounts department at the castle. It is only just across the road from where I live.

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    • The mountains are our background. There are seven chains that stop at the Swiss borders to France and Germany. The castle was once the summer residence for the French ambassador to Switzerland. Now and again I meet the pony on a path with a child having its first riding lesson.


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