Daily Prompt: Acceptance – a way of life

Altersheim & Church Baselstrasse 21.03.2017

Nice building, who knows, just around the corner with an attached church. It could not be better for a senior residence. I drive past often during the week when we go shopping. Only this morning I saw there  was a delivery a van full of minteral water parked outside. Yes, they look after the residents, but that is only one senior  residence, there is another one just 5-10 minutes away: more modern, even with a café for non residents. You are never isolated from the others. Just because you are a golden oldie, it does not mean that you have to only be with golden oldies. Who knows, one day perhaps ……..

Yes another depressing daily prompt. There is no question of acceptance. Was I accepted when I arrived in Switzerland by the Swiss folk? Of course not. Their food was not english style and their way of life was not english. They had different laws and even the people were different. Of course they were human beings, but what I did as a natural reaction, was not for the Swiss natural. I had to get used to them and do it the way the Swiss did it to be accepted. I am not going into details, because I am not writing a psychological treatise on the difference between the two nations. Suffice it to be said that the Swiss were not waiting for me. I was an innocent young 20 year old wanting to show the Swiss how good the british are, but they were not impressed. They showed me how to do it the Swiss way, and I learnt to accept their ways. They did not have to accept mine, as it was their country.

It is now 30 years later, and I have a Swiss passport, a Swiss husband and even my kids are Swiss because I never bothered to check whether they could become British. The possibility was there, but I was integrated in the Swiss way of life in the meanwhile. Of course I found there were british things that were better, but we were a Swiss family and who am I to change the Swiss Way of life.

It was only when I returned to England for a holiday that I realised I was not longer British. My collegaues were talking of the latest british news. On the TV only the talk was of british affairs, nothing international. Swiss TV and radio were always full of what was happening in other countries. Probably because they did not have enough own news to fill the programme.

Discussions about a new line in the local supermarket for meat pies or sausages and bread were the brtish subject of the conversation. My dad belonged to the older genration and he was constantly asking if we have this or that TV programme. I had to explain we have our own programmes, spoken in our language. He was under the impression that the whole world was endeavouring to lead a british way of life, beause it was so perfect.  I remember when he visited us in Switzerland and we would eat in a restaurant. It was not his usual food, but he summarised it all with the words “they like that sort of thing”. I asked him who “they” were, but never got a clear answer. It was as it we were from another planet.

My british colleagues asked me about my way of life, but I gave up. I noticed in their tone of conversation, they really felt sorry for me having to endure life in a different country. How did I manage with the food? Did I miss the good old fish and chips, meat pies etc. . The Swiss eat veal we heard. The Swiss tend to eat fish with boiled potato, we have our own way of cooking meat pie and it is not a Swiss speciality, but I never missed it, I did not even like it. As far as veal is concerned, the english seem to have a thing about veal. It is meat like any other. Veal is from baby cows and lamm is from baby sheep which the english love. What is the difference?

Acceptance is no problem for me, because I make an effort to understand and am always happy to learn something new.

About a year ago MS was diagnosed for me. I accepted it as I had no choice and I am learning its ways. What is the point of collapsing in despair. The illness will not go away and I have to learn to live with it. If our tax increases or sickness insurance (which it will), I have to accept. I even have a nice senior citizens home around the corner, what could be better.

Daily Prompt: Acceptance – a way of life

4 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Acceptance – a way of life

  1. I remember living in Israel which had quite a lot of its own news, but there was also a lot of international news. Little countries can’t afford to not notice that other countries are part of the pictures.

    Garry was supposed to go to a get together with Old Friends, but he didn’t feel like making the long drive, so he is home. And I spend an hour trying to figure out how to make a new appointment with my oncologist because they have made the telephone messages so ridiculous, it took me that long to dope out that I should just hold the phone, not push anything, and WAIT. That was not my favorite way to wake up, but they had called me to tell me I had an appointment when I didn’t have an appointment and I absolutely knew I couldn’t go.

    I’m accepting a lot these days. The last plow that came through knocked down half a wall and made a godawful mess in the driveway. Mud and rocks and still-melting snow. A mess. Major mess. I pretend it isn’t there. That’s acceptance, isn’t it?

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  2. Since my family is no longer in London, I am not so much under pressure and can do my own thing. I no longer have to go to London, only when I want to, and I do not. At home it is just Mr. Swiss and I and No. 1 son who is absolutely not problem. We have our little problems, but somehow I have discovered there is always a solution somewhere. With the refurbishing of our appartment we will be without blinds on the windows (I do not do curtain) which will be a big inconvenience at night, but today Mr. Swiss phone a business that do such stuff. and explained the problem, so that should be organised somehow this week.
    I also get very mixed up with those telephone systems. I remember when my dad passed away I had to make a lot of calls to England for his insurance, pension etc. etc. It was always combined with waiting, which cost money. The alternative was by mail which was a real obstacle when dealing with government offices. I do not know how I did it now, but it all got sorted. there are still some bits and pieces to be dealt with, but I am not longer being stressed by anyone.
    Mr. Swiss no longer likes driving long distances. The next appointment he has is the annual class get together from his school, which is not far. Every year there are less and less that can attend. They are all 1939 born.


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