Good Morning


I have hyacinths in my garden and they are now flowering. I planted them 4-5 years ago, on the way one or two have disappeared, but the remainders are still holding their ground.

This year our house front will be renovated and I hope that my plants in the garden survive. Our appartment block is “only” 18-20 years old, we moved into our appartment as first buyers 18 years ago almost. You would think that after so “few” years it would not be necessary to do anything, but it seems some of the original work was not up to the standard it should have been. I must admit the facade of the building needs a makeover, but my blinds are still good, and also my windows. They say that the roof should be refurbished – I am not an expert.

However, we are annoyed. Decisions are group decisions. discussed at various meetings so it has now been decided. We all have to pay for our new blinds but windows are voluntary and we are definitely not having new windows in our appartment.

The annoying thing is that when the workers arrive in May there will be an inconvenience. We will be without blinds for a while and who knows what the workman will do to ruin our garden with their workboots trampling around everywhere, although we have been told that any necessary gardening work will be paid for. However, you cannot replace what no longer exists.

Mr. Swiss told me today that there was a meeting yesterday about the whole thing. We are so disgusted that we no longer visit the meetings, because there are certain parties that know it all better, and we are the golden oldies that are no longer so golden as far as they are concerned. I did not even realise that yesterday was one of the famous meetings. We are a few parties that no longer visit the meetings, because we realised that we no longer have anything to say. All we know is that we can pay for the most expensive solution, which is really not necessary,  and put up with the inconvenience. We have spoken to  some colleagues who are also in the business and they just found it a joke when they heard what will be done. We really do not have to have our block gold plated.

However life goes on and I will take it as it comes and today is bathroom cleaning morning, so I will be busy for an hour or more with the housework. I will not be going places or seeing things, although I heard our Japanese cherry tree is flowering along the path, so that will be worth a photo. I might take a walk this afternoon, am still thinking about it. I would love to visit the cemetary again, have not been there this year, but it is a 5-10 minute walk further than the usual time and I am not sure if I can do. I have to walk back again, but today looks like a good day for me. Not all days are the same I notice.

Have a nice day everyone, and I will say goodbye with a photo of my white hyacinths. The strange thing is I do not remember planting this hyacinth, I have only one. It appeared for the first time last year. They do not usually plant themselves, so perhaps I did it in a forgetful moment which I have now and again.


10 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Pat; I know, I know…. that’s the prize to pay for being in a ‘model Swiss’ society. My one sister had no stores for months and months and I can only hope that you won’t have the same at your place. What my sis did was putting up heavy cloth – which was very annoying for her since both she and her husband are small, have several cats and just can’t sleep in the not complete darkness…. She went through a lot of effort, trouble, anger management and outbursts including cursing the workmen who also distroyed her garden! I also have much comprehension for your ‘paying’ problem. We worked for years for my mother in law, gently guiding her when she too thought she couldn’t go on with the other proprietors of her flat.
    We did not buy one beautiful flat when we thought we would return to Switzerland for good because we were warned that ONE person in the residence was terribly difficult to deal with. And we are glad we didn’t although I’m still sad that this perfect place couldn’t have been ours.
    IT WILL PASS THOUGH – and with all the care and carefulness, your garden will suffer…. Nature is kind to us, we just have to be as kind as we can in return and you will have to re-plant and re-design…. You will have to buy more flowers to take inside for the coming months, and go out more because there will be great disturbance of your peace. Take your camera and take off! 🙂

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    • Funnily enough the Bauleiter and his assistant appeared this morning. The work begins in May and we will have scaffolding until October but no Store. However we will probably find a solution in a business we have dealt with before. We are now too old to think about somewhere else to live and otherwise we are happy to stay where we are. As you say the model Swiss society.

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  2. Hi Pat. Im so sorry about what you’re telling us today. We have been in the hospital with our mom for two months and we are now back home. Incredible because she was so close to death when we arrived to the hospital we shout that was it.. But she’s very strong and she recovered. During these two months in her building there were some of those meetings and they decided to put “magic” lights with sensors that turn on automatically when they detect some movement all around the building. It costed a lot of money an now we have to pay for it.

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    • Yes, long time no hear, but I am glad that your mother pulled through. I know well what you have been through, as I had a problem with my dad for a long time, and I was in a different country. It was thanks to a good friend and good carers that I could be kept in the picture. We have a “magic” light outside on our porch, but organised it ourselves privately. The neighbour had a break-in and the police advised to have it done.


      • Thank you for your concern. I hope your home is safe now. I remember once we went to vacation and asked to our neighbours to take care of our apartment and pick up our mail so the burglars wouldn’t notice the home was empty. They did it with a lot of care. One day they noticed a stranger coming in the building. The neighbour who was going out though that the stranger was suspicious and returned to check our apartment. Everything was OK. But when he returned home he was shocked: the burglar had robbed in HIS house.

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        • It is important to inform a neighbor when the home is empty. One of my neighbors has a spare key and I have hers. You can never be too careful, but what happened to your neighbor wad definitely unique.


  3. My Aunt Martha was the president of her condominium homeowner’s association and she said it was worse than working for the government for 25 years. I had enough when I was trying to work in the art co-op. I don’t know what it is with people, the arguments, the plays for power, all the stuff that happens in situations that are completely minor and in which the worst thing that could happen is the thing falls apart because people disagree. The last time I lived in an apartment, the neighbor upstairs played the oboe, badly and loudly and they also had hardwood floors. I doubt there was insulation between the two floors (we were downstairs). If I asked him to maybe take off his shoes or stop playing the oboe at 9 pm he just stomped louder and played longer. I couldn’t figure out why, but it seemed like he was rebelling against common consideration for others. I couldn’t MAKE him do either of those things. One day he just said, “I just don’t like you and I want you to move out.” I thought, “OK, well, that’s mutual at this point.” I didn’t say anything to him, I just walked away.

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    • There are thirteen parties living in our block. We have three entrances, and the appartments only go three floors. They are nicely build in a good area, and they are not cheap to buy. We bought ours, but some are rented, as the rents are astonomically high, so we mainly only get doctors, lawyers and business people living here. I get on OK with most people, because I avoid problems. Many of them think they are something better, but I can ignore that. Keeping the place in order is correct, but it does not have to be gold coated and that is the idea of a few that managed to convince others that it is the best way. We think for ourselves but the majority wants the gold crust. A new front should be done, no discussion: but new blinds is really not necessary and the roof can also wait. At the moment we are a bit of a joke in the village because things get around by local mouth, and they are write. The whole re-organisation is costing too much and too much is being done. There are some that have never gone to the annual meetings. We always went, but stopped this year because there is no point.

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  4. We stopped attending those meeting very quickly, though we lived in the condo for more than a decade. If we had no choice, we did our best. When we had a choice, we did what WE wanted. What was funny was whatever we did, eventually EVERYONE did, too. We wanted an iron door? Everyone got one. We wanted a garden? They said no? We built one anyway, so then they built one for everyone. It was kind of stupid. There’s no reason they can’t let people just be themselves. But they get this thing into their heads that we all have to do everything exactly the same way. Forever.

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    • After reading various comments I don’t feel so alone. It really seems we are surrounded by wannabe dictators. I stopped going to the meetings a long while ago. Mr. Swiss was even on a committee once because he got on well with one of the guys, but he moved and now everything is chaos and we want nothing more to do with it, as well as some others. It’s difficult to define in writing,.


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